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Graham Crackers

My Mom has a tradition or habit, however we call it, of waking up and eating some sweet crackers or cookies (not the American kind of cookies) with tea first thing in the morning. She loves it and doesn't consider it as breakfast, it's just morning snacking :) So I've been planning on making those myself since what you buy in the store...Well, they all are full of preservatives and too much sugar, things I can't even pronunce. I thought of making ginger cookies until I came upon this perfect graham crackers recipe! Since I should be studying I make up all kinds of activities for procrastination and thought...Today is the day I finally make my plan happen! Good thing I woke up around 7 because these small crackers are really time-consuming! First of all, after the dough is ready, it needs to chill for at least 2 hours. And after it chilled it took me 2 more hours to bake them. Well, to roll the dough and then cut it and bake it. I made some alteration to the original

Yogurt Parfait

This past week was everything but healthy for me. I had cravings and I sadly didn't deny from myself anything ...So yes, I ate chocolate and chocolate and have I mentioned chocolate, already? And mostly at night. Well, thanks god for not having those killing moments anymore when all I could think about is having a delicious bite of chocolate melting in my mouth...or chocolate chip cookies...Which I didn't make. Thank god!! Today I am actually craving food that is good for me. Something that makes me full yet not immobilizing me because I am sooo full. Something that is not carbs, something that is not crazy sweet, something that makes me happy. So I got the idea of making a yogurt parfait!! Since finally summer is here which equals fresh fruits!! My all time favorite that I can never get sick of are strawberries!! Ahhhh.....strawberries....I could write an ode to strawberries, I love them so much :D We had 6 kgs of them the other day and they are almost gone!! Doesn't

The Hunger Games review

I just recently finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I can't really put into words how much I loved the series...Reading is one of the things in life I enjoy a LOT. And when I say a lot I mean a lot :) I practically always carry a book in my purse. Actually, when buying a purse, the most important thing it needs to have is enough space for a thick book. I think, it speaks for itself of showing my love for the reading materials... :P I like many genres but mostly adventurous stories that grab my attention. I'm really not into romantic novels. Well, maybe except for Nicholas Sparks. He writes the BEST love stories! But other than him, I just never buy a romantic book. I do love romance in a story but it also have to be one that is constantly moving, keeping me on my toes and making me ask: what's gonna happen??? But back to The Hunger Games. The series are written for young adults and are considered to be science fiction. Well, yes labeling the book is a tough

Breakfast Blueberry Smoothie

I love smoothies!! I don't even know if there is anyone who doesn't :) We can do sooo many variations, make it indulgent or rather healthy or just stick to the king of smoothies: banana smoothie :P I went on a cleansing in February and since I didn't have a juicer I drank healthy smoothies instead of carrot and other vegetables juices. I can tell, I wouldn't have lasted the cleanse if I was drinking those amazing carrot-apple-celery juices hahahahaa But with delicious smoothies of all kinds....Bring it on!!! My favorite was pineapple-banana-orange. Soooo good!! I simply cut the fruits into smaller pieces and added to the blender with some water. Great for breakfast if someone usually doesn't eat or like breakfast because it doesn't make me full just drinking itself. But this blueberry smoothie really does! Since I added plain yogurt (I used Activia) and some milk to the blueberries and blended it together. Ice goes really well with it, too! Oh and for sweeten

Sweet sweet life

As I am having an extremely hard final tomorrow, what better can I do than blog? Right? :D Actually, I am just having a break before going to my garden with my notes, articles and tan while opening my mind to all the highly interesting stuffs I'll be needing in order to pass... But what is sweeter than studying under the sun, soaking all the vitamin D and warmth and happiness?? :) Oh right! iced coffee! Which I'm sipping contentedly, and it all makes me think: Life is Great! As we already know from KFC hahahaaa This sweet mood makes me want to post some pictures of my baking in the past month. Recipes won't be included since I really shouldn't procrastinate (too) much. But I will say that baking is one of the best things in life! It has creativity, productivity, functionality, joy and above all love! The only thing that makes me say no to baking (other than saving up money) is that I perfectly know that if I bake, then I will eat, too. And way too much sugar is defini