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Coconut-Almond Butter stuffed Chocolate Cups

I wasn't gonna make a dessert today. Let alone something chocolatey. No no no! I wanted to have a dessert-free week. And look, I made chocolate cups! How did this happen??  Anyways... These cups are amazing. Seriously, finger-licking good. Not exaggerating. You need to make this!! I used to go crazy for Reese's but after a while I got so fed up with the excessive sweetness. Yeah, I find Reese's way too sweet and too dense. That's why I fell in love with these cups. These are not overly sweet, yet really rich and the salt on top  takes it to the next level. I am in love. Although I did eat only a half of it. But I'm thinking hard to eat another half :) I might as well just do it. What's the harm? 1 pound on my hips? Oh well! :P So it all started with me buying a bag of almonds. To make almond butter. Then I wanted something extra so I started making coconut butter first and I kinda added more coconut than almonds... It's like raffaello butter. Utte

Hungarian Zserbó (Gerbeaud Cake)

It was time for me to post another traditional and delicious Hungarian dessert! Truth is, it was my very very first time making this cake-bar whatever you call it. I've never been such a huge fan of it as I was never a fan of such layered desserts. Until now! As I mentioned in my previous post, we are heading to a festival with friends and I needed something sweet to take with. Something that leaves you not looking a mess after eating it :) So my Mom suggested why not make some zserbó? Ummm...Because I've never made it and it looks incredibly difficult? But I took it as a challenge and started hunting for the perfect recipe! First, we were digging through our ancient cookbooks that brought us no luck. So it left me one option: internet! And I did find the most amazing recipe ever! Not mentioning how surprisingly easy it was to make! Okay, not the cookie making kind of easy but considering that it has 4 layers of dough, 3 layers of apricot jam and ground walnut filling an

Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites

I am about to leave for a a festival!!! We are gonna be tenting and enjoying the lovely rain and mud and all the filth that a festival comes with :) I can't wait!! I haven't been actually anywhere really this summer so this is a much needed vacation!! So when I started thinking about what might be needed, food was the very first thing that came to my mind! I mean, DUH! What a food blogger would I be if I didn't make some ham and cheese pretzel bites for the road trip? Ham and cheese bites seem like the most appropriate things ever for a road trip. Even more if that road trip is headed to a festival and there will be a few drinks served during our way too long (like 3 hours hahaha) drive! I needed to freeze them since we won't be leaving until Wednesday morning but there's no way I could have managed to cook tomorrow... So frozen bites, here we go!  But enough about me :) Let's talk about these meaty and cheesy pretzel bites. So it's a lo

Peaches n' Cream Oatmeal

It's maybe due to the fact that I eat oatmeal about 5 days a week for breakfast but I am like the happiest kid around the kitchen when it comes to creating newer and newer types of oatmeals. Oatmeal is one of the best foods out there. Seriously! Okay, if you don't sweeten it with a ton of sugar. But it will reduce the risk of heart disease, it will ease your digestion, it fills you up so you don't have to eat a lot, therefore it has a weight loss effect, as well! And these are only a few of the benefits of oatmeal. i encourage everyone to eat it as much as they can because really, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I suggest you to have it right! :) It will make you want to keep eating healthy for the rest of the day. Or something like that... I do cheat from time to time, even if I started with oatmeal. :P Today I had this more than amazing oatmeal as a snack/early dinner because I just wanted something sweet, low-calorie and light before a ni

Gravlax with Russian Pancakes and Sour Cream

So it really is over. My college life, I mean. For a while, at least. I have graduated from college... It's still hard to grasp. But it was such a happy day! We had a smallish get together after at my parents' because nothing's better than being in a familiar environment when you just want to celebrate! Nothing's wrong with restaurants, I love restaurants, but when there are more people involved I think it's best to have them at home. It's just more friendly and everyone can come and go and enjoy themselves... So we had SO much food! And so much drinks ;) Okay, not too much but you know... :) We had pasta salad, greek salad, sea food salad, gravlax, honey melon wrapped in jamon serrano (ham), potato salad as entree. Then came the little grilled Italian sausages that were delicious, even though I was so full by then I couldn't eat the whole thing... And then for dessert I made cheesecake and crepe cake filled with my homemade nutella, homemade sour cherr