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Gravlax with Russian Pancakes and Sour Cream

So it really is over. My college life, I mean. For a while, at least. I have graduated from college... It's still hard to grasp. But it was such a happy day! We had a smallish get together after at my parents' because nothing's better than being in a familiar environment when you just want to celebrate! Nothing's wrong with restaurants, I love restaurants, but when there are more people involved I think it's best to have them at home. It's just more friendly and everyone can come and go and enjoy themselves... So we had SO much food! And so much drinks ;) Okay, not too much but you know... :) We had pasta salad, greek salad, sea food salad, gravlax, honey melon wrapped in jamon serrano (ham), potato salad as entree. Then came the little grilled Italian sausages that were delicious, even though I was so full by then I couldn't eat the whole thing... And then for dessert I made cheesecake and crepe cake filled with my homemade nutella, homemade sour cherry jam and ground walnuts! So so yummy and so much! :) 
Oh and I can't help myself, I just need to post a few pics of my graduation and me in my hat :)

So yess... It was such a delightful day I will cherish forever :) Even if I sound cheesy.

So as I mentioned, we had gravlax that is basically a huge piece of salmon cured in a lot of salt and dill. It has to stay in this seasoned salt for 3 days and then you can slice it and have it with whatever you feel like. We had a huge amount of leftover so I decided to make a Russian meal today and have it with some pancakes (blini) and sour cream. It was ooooh soooo good! :) And so easy! Although, the pancake batter does consists of yeast. It was kinda weird for me but oh well!

Russian Pancakes with Gravlax

1 liter milk
150 grams buckwheat flour
400 grams all-purpose flour
1 1/2 packs active dry yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
3 teaspoons salt
50 grams butter
1 dl heavy cream
2 egg yolks

Dissolve the yeast in 3 tablespoons milk and the sugar. Cover it until it's foamy. Warm the milk. Combine the 2 flours together and add the foamy yeast in it. Add the salt and the remaining milk. Mix it together and cover the bowl and let it sit for an hour in a warm environment. 

Melt the butter and while it is cooling, whip the heavy cream. Add the melted butter and egg yolks to the pancake batter and then fold in the whipped cream. Cover the bowl again and let it sit for another hour. 

When the batter is ready, turn your heat to medium and start cooking the pancakes as you would normally. 

When your pancakes are ready, spread 1 tablespoon of sour cream on each (or as many as you would eat in one sitting) and pile up the gravlax on top!

ps: Cream cheese is delicious with the salmon!


  1. Congrats to you, and this looks uhmazing!! YUM. Love your photos, too! :)

  2. Wow!
    Its so yummy...Sure, plenty of Russian crepe recipes are actually thin and they're delicious filled with pretty a lot something from candy to savory! those remind me of my mom… She made such crepes, skinny and mild. Then she’d wrap them with either candy coconut, or jam every so often fruit fulling and cream. So delicious. Your recipe appears perfect. thank you for this recipe. I've been seeking out a “real” one. I’m searching ahead to creating a lot of those recipes. I’m sitting right here searching at recipes while I wait for our strength to return back on. might truly love to have some of this first-rate sounding Russian meals even as looking it snow….


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