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Oatmeal/Pancakes -> Oatmeal-Banana Cake

Happy news! I have created a new, upgraded website where you can see all my old and new recipes. To see the recipe of the banana oatmeal pancakes, you can simply click on the below link. Healthy Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

The creamiest Oatmeal ever!

When someone mentioned oatmeal I was always the first and loudest to protest.  Oatmeal = eww. That is how I always thought of it, I even called it "the snot". Okay, I still call it that way :) Pretty appetizing, right? But I tried to like it. I knew it was so good for my health and body so I kept forcing down a few spoons each and every day to follow it a "normal" breakfast. I did that until 2012 when I made a resolution or more like a determination to finally lose that 10 pounds I've been playing around with as a yo-yo. So I stuck to "the snot", trying all kinds of versions of it until I found this  Coconut Oatmeal  recipe I posted a few weeks ago. That became my favorite but you just can't eat the same thing every day. So I kept on experimenting. And that is how I finally found the creamiest, most yummy tasting oatmeal ever! Oh and have I mentioned how healthy it is? I don't add any sugar because it's just sweet enough for me but of cour

Cheesy Spinach Omelet

I ran out of my favorite oatmeal mix which consists of oat, rye, wheat and barley flakes. They are so healthy and taste okay too ;) So now I got a new one, it is oatmeal + wheat bran. I made it as I would have made it my normal oatmeal and it tasted disgusting. So nasty I had to throw it out. But this action left me still hungry. My temptation to eat eggs won me over so I headed to the fridge to get some eggs and then a super duper genius idea hit me. Why not throw some spinach and cheese in my omelet? That was probably my best idea this week (since it's Monday morning)... It was so delicious I couldn't praise it enough while eating. I was like ooooh-aahhh it is soooo good! It is nothing really special but its simplicity is the one that makes it awesome! Cheesy Spinach Omelet makes for 1 person 2 eggs 3 leaves spinach- I used frozen spinach: 2 small balls 1/2 cup cheese - I used Gruyére Herbs de Provence salt Whisk the eggs and add a pinch of salt to them while you heat 1 t

European Apple Pie - Almás Pite

My oven is getting fixed. It's been gone for more than 2 weeks. Almost 3. I am trying to understand how people can live and even live happily without an oven. I have to admit, I'm having a hard time comprehending why anyone would choose to live a life without an oven. If it's not connected to some money issues, of course... I can understand that being a constantly broke college student myself.  But anyways... My point was to explain myself why I haven't posted any REAL exciting recipes lately. I am filled with so many ideas how to create some phenomenal desserts. And still try to manage to lose weight because it's January and I've got a resolution to keep! By the way, if anyone is interested I am finishing my 2nd week of the Insanity workout and this week pretty much kicked my butt! I was soo tired, the workouts seemed more exhausting than in the 1st week. But I see some improvements. I am definitely stronger, my endurance is higher, my waist line


I am happily announcing that I have completed one week from the Insanity workout program!! Yay!! :) Sooo.... Since I was able to lose a couple of cms from all over my body in just ONE week, I decided to keep with it! It means, no sugar for me. Still. Actually, I don't even crave it. That much. :) But I can't abandon my blog so I will post a few older recipes that just never made it up here. But now!  About these cookies. I am not a big fan of snickerdoodles. When it comes to choosing what type of cookies to make. My first and possibly only choice would be choc. chip cookies. DUH. Then all variations to choc. chip cookies. Then... that's all because I do not wanna eat any other kinds of cookies. But when I had some leftover cinnamon-sugar from this  doughnut  recipe I decided to give snickerdoodles a try. It would be mere exaggerating to say I came to find a new favorite but I did really like them! Especially warm. I was mesmerized that this cookie is not that snickerdoodl

Pasta with Homemade Super Quick Marinara Sauce with Zucchini and Ham

I know, I know that was a mouthful. But how else would I call this real super quick pasta dish to give every detail that is needed to know? Exactly. You need to know that I made this marinara sauce with fresh ingredients (except for the tomato paste) and I added one zucchini and cubed ham for a seriously unexpected joy explosion in the mouth! You need to know that I am having my exams so frankly, I couldn't care less to cook something über delicious lunch. Besides, my family is in and about so they don't have the time, either. But I started Insanity (the workout) and it is sooo exhausting that after I finish I can't wait to replace the calories I just burned! That is when I started searching for something in the fridge. I found a zucchini... Hmmm...What to do with a zucchini that is quick and more or less healthy? Pasta? Didn't have whole wheat at home but found some fusili pasta made of durum wheat so it's not that bad, either. Found a whole bottle of organic

Coconut Oatmeal

First of all, helllloooo 2012!! I hope everyone had a blast this holiday season! :) And I wish everyone a very very wonderful new year! I have a very good feeling about 2012. At least, I can tell it will bring many many changes.  Whether these changes will be good or bad, I do not know. But I welcome changes. Change always bears a meaning that something new is coming. Of course, something ends as well but this is how life works. In my mind, I connect change with good. I guess, I am just a sucker for changes :) For me changes have already started. I had to move out from my apartment, say goodbye to my roommate as a roommate. Say hello to my family in a daily basis again... Since I am home now, at least for a short while, we decided to rearrange the whole house. Now it looks like as if we all moved to a new house :) Love it! I also decided that I need to get back to the healthy lifestyle I used to have. Meaning I need to cut out refined sugar. Not all together. But the holiday season