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Cookies N Cream Cake

I'm kinda messing with your heads here. Because this cake actually has no oreos in it BUT tastes just like the cookie! Only in a very delicious tender and juicy cake form.  To tell the truth, I was gonna make red velvet :D Then I realized, I didn't have red food coloring. Oh well. I started making the batter anyway when I found a small bottle of blue food coloring. I immediately started singing blue velvet...I thought a blue velvet cake is the best idea ever! But I already added more cocoa powder to the flour than I should have. No worries! But then I added way too much coffee to the batter and that totally made it look like the most disgusting cake batter ever! No kidding! It had a deep dark brownish green color. A color that your food should never ever have! :)  But I tasted it and it tasted fantastic so I went along with it. By the time it was fully baked, the green totally disappeared, leaving a very dark, oreo cookie like color! Perfect right?  Then I whipped up

Zakuska or the Best Eggplant- Pepper Spread Ever

This recipe may not be the most exciting ever but believe me, this is heavenly! If you love eggplant (even though, you can hardly taste it), onions, bell pepper and tomato. So incredibly healthy and I wouldn't be lying if I said that I could eat this spread every single day! I already ate it with bread, with fish, with veggies... Ah-mazing!  I seriously have no idea how I lived without this until now! :) Because I just discovered it the other day when we had lunch in a Transylvanian restaurant. Then and there I fell in love :) So I just had to recreate it on my own! This recipe makes a lot! Like 4 jars and I'm sure it won't last a month for me! So if you want a healthy and delicious alternative to hummus or butter then this is YOUR recipe :) Hope you'll enjoy! Zakuska - Eggplant Pepper Spread 6 medium onions - 600 grams - chopped 5 bigger red bell peppers - sliced thinly 2 eggplants 4 dl canned tomato salt, pepper 2 dl oil Preheat your ove

Orange-Poppy Seed Pancakes

I woke up so incredibly happy today! Maybe due to the fact that I'd been sick for almost a whole week and could not do anything besides lying in bed. It was awful, let me tell ya! But today, Today is a new day and I am bursting with energy! So it was a no brainer to make some pancakes for breakfast! The sun is shining, I am no longer (at least not as much) sick anymore, it's Friday so what more could I ask for? :) I was thinking about what kinda pancakes I should make... The banana, oatmeal and buttermilk ones sounded kind of boring. But then I thought, let's throw in some poppy seeds! And make the pancakes even more spectacular than they already are with a few squeezes of fresh orange juice! Ahhh, totally amazing. Totally, utterly, completely amazing :) I ate them with some maple syrup, slices of orange and some plain greek yogurt. If I haven't already convinced you to make some, like right now, then I'll tell you, they're made with whole wheat flour a