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Red Velvet Oatmeal

2012 was all about oatmeal for me. I ate oatmeal basically every single morning. I struggled to shovel it down my throat in the beginning but after a while it just became my morning ritual. Coffee and my bowl of oatmeal. It's real good for my stomach and staying in track with a healthy diet. But it gets boring.  So after months and months of oatmeal I started to become kind of disgusted by it. So my ritual was disappearing quickly. What replaced the porridge were usually a slice of bread or toast or eggs or simply nothing. But eating no breakfast is the WORST you can do to yourself since your body needs fuel to start the day, as well as, your metabolism! Thus I need to get back to my oatmeal. But I also have to change my recipe a bit to have new flavors to enjoy, or at least bear. I'm planning to make some red velvet whoopie pies today so it gave me the idea... Let's make red velvet oatmeal! Yay! Such a cool idea! Now this oatmeal had a slight cocoa flavor to it an

Homemade Croissant

There are times in life when we just have the urge to set some challenging goals for ourselves. Things that we don't do or achieve every day. So when we do it feels like we're on top of the world! Because we got out of our comfort zone and achieved something we thought we'd never be able to do or would take really long and hard... Let it be applying for our dream job and working sooo hard to get it or finally decide to go on the trip we always wanted to but the time was never right, or running the marathon... or making the dreadful croissants :)  January is all about doing new things, trying to be our better selves so it's no wonder I finally thought it was time I let go of my fear that I will never ever be able to make the real flaky and tender croissants you eat at fancy bakeries! Because I've tried sooo many times...and failed. I didn't give up though! It became my project and tried a new recipe every single day for a whole week :D They were all right

Top 10 Recipes of 2012!

Skipping the cliches that the year has passed in a heartbeat I'll just jump right into evaluating it a bit! :) Sure, it went by quickly and much has happened. But I am sure it is like that for everyone! Because time is funny like that... it just passes. Mainly if you enjoy yourself! But even if you don't, it will go on.  So a bit late but I want to wish everyone a very very happy, successful, upbeat and lovely new year!!! :) I really hope you celebrated the end of 2012 well! Even if you fell asleep by 10pm or had an awful lot of drinks like I had :P  But either way, 2013 is here and we all get to start it with new cards and even newer goals! :) Let's make 2013 a good one! So! At the end of a year, I like to evaluate the passed year. What has changed, what has happened, what I've learned. My looks haven't changed much but what's inside me is what really counts! I got to experience so many things... Both good and bad. There were absolute happiness