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About Me

Well...Hi. :)

I'm Csilla, a 23 year old girl from Hungary.
After 2 years of starting this blog, it just felt appropriate to update this page. :)

How not to make it sound like a cliche, I wonder, but the truth is I really always have loved to be in or around the kitchen. This is my favorite place to be in my or any other home...

I basically go into a kitchen, a completely unfamiliar kitchen and I know right away where to find anything.
I think this kinda bizarre love for kitchens come from my other love; cooking. Or rather say baking. It makes me happy. I'm an experimenting cook. I always have a new recipe I just cannot wait to try out. I always have some favorite dishes I feel like I could eat forever but usually it wears off quickly.

I'm all for simple foods. I like a recipe that is not a hundred pages long. I like one that is simple, straight-forward and allows to use my creativity. Although, from time to time I get this fever-like urge to make something that definitely doesn't fall into the simple and easy category. Like croissants. Or macarons. I take them as challenges and I'm that crazy person who stays up all night just to fold the though in every 2 hours. :)

I don't go to culinary school. I've never had any education in cooking or baking, what I know now are from my mom, grandmas and lots of trial and errors. :) I cook out of passion and love. Most of the time I don't follow the recipes, except for the baking part, and that's how I can always discover new tastes and flavours. I'm such a foodie, I love to try all kinds of cuisines. I love to integrate flavours from different cuisines to my own recipes.
Although, since I'm Hungarian I share some of my favorite Hungarian recipes, as well. I mean, DUH :) 

I've graduated college in 2012 and now I'm an "international relations expert". I work in a language school right now and hoping to pursue my masters degree in this fall majoring in media and communications. Because I just realized that politics are not for me, I'm too idealistic and in my own little fantasy land to really get into the 2-faced world of politics. 
I like the creative side of life and hoping I can get ahead with my eccentric ideas. One day... :)

I love traveling, reading, wine, all things related to makeup, chocolate chip cookies are my guilty pleasure, running and working out, taking pictures, talking about philosophical things, being bizarrely silly and watching TV shows. And so much more! But these are the main stuffs. 

Hmm, that is about me in a nutshell. Thank you for wandering to my blog and reading! :)


  1. csilla. love your blog. i am an australian living in Szeged. i too haven't perfected the art of baking croissants but i can recommend the recipe of the Tartine bakery in San Francisco -the recipe is a little fussy but the end result is fabulous. Have you seen or food
    they are fabulous web oldalok... look forward to more of your postings.
    tomorrow i will go to the szegedi pica and buy some fresh apricots to try your new cake recipe. i love the summer fruits in europe.
    thanks, rachel

  2. Thank you Rachel! Really, you live here in Szeged? How come?
    Oh I am sure to try out that recipe! Where can I find it? I've tried some fussy recipes, as well, it's no problem with me as long as I get the results! :)
    Ooooh you're making the apricot cake?? Yayayay!! Let me know how it turns out!! Mine is still pretty delish after 2 days!
    And yes, I know tastespotting and foodgawker! Foodgawker is my favorite, I have posted several of my recipes already :)
    Thank you for the kind words!!

  3. Oh Csilla I am so thrilled to have found your blog. I was in need of some recipes to feed the masses and found my way to your blog via fBook. I am getting ready to host a mob for my up coming wedding on 12/12/12. I will have a house full of guests and I just can't wait to try several of your recipes. Starting with your zucchini basil soup. I think I will try this today just because I can. I too love melted cheese and look forward to your eggplant basil grilled on rye. Your deserts sound amazing and the pasta divine!
    Thank you my dear and keep up the creative side of your passions.
    Good luck in graduate school and if your ever in the North West, Hood River Oregon please let me know... I would love you to sit a spell in my kitchen!
    Thanks again, Joanne
    Ciao Bella

    1. Dear Joanne, thank you for writing!!!! :) First of all, congrats on your wedding!!! I wish you all the best! :) I hope you'll have as much fun making the recipes as I did! Let me know how they turned out and of course how your wedding went!!!
      Thank you again! I hope I'll hear from you again and again! :)

  4. Hi Csilla,

    I started a blog very recently, basically as an online food travelogue. Very thrilled to have found your blog while doing some extra research for my post about Cafe Gerbeaud in Budapest. I hope you don't mind me linking your Zserbó recipe to my post here,
    Am really loving the recipe selections you have on your blog. I have my eye on the baked cinnamon doughnuts! They seem deceptively healthy...;)
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Eliza!! Thank you!! Of course, I don't mind :) Good luck on your blog! I am checking it out as I'm writing you right now! Yes, make those doughnuts, they are a lot healthier than the normal ones! :) Thank you for writing!

  5. Hi csilla, im hungarian as well and im also learning the hang of cooking. My apuci birthday is comeing up and he loves pogaca so for the first time im going to try and make them myself, my mom doesnt like to cuz its to much work she says but she does know how as well as almost all the hungarian dishes. We moved to palm springs ca, in 1986 and lived in budapest before moveing out here. My grandparents still live over in budapest, which is pest now. Thnk u for the reciepe hopefully they will turn out great! Thnks eva

    1. Hi! Thank you for sharing it with me! :) How did they turn out? Did you like them? Your mom is quite right, though. They are a bit of work but sooo worth it! Do you ever come to visit in Budapest?

  6. Got your recipe from Pinterest. I live in the Southwestern US, but grew up in a Hungarian family near the Great Lakes. My grandmother and her 7 sisters spoke and read Hungarian, as my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Czene was from the Szeged region. My grandfather's family name was Czerny before they immigrated to the, they changed it to Cherney. My grandmother, Rose Cherney, was an amazing cook and baker...I still have the hickory wood bread board and rolling pin that she used to make is huge and heavy but I wouldn't trade it for anything. :) I still make kiefle every year...not quite as good as hers, but I'm getting better. Thank you for sharing your love of baking and your Hungarian life with us! :)

  7. Hi Csilla I have just come across your fantastic Blog. I just love the Hungarian food and to find your blog with all my favorites you are a Star


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