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Broccoli Lasagna and Thoughts on Veganism

Before I'm sharing the recipe for this modified, yet amazing lasagna, I will confess that this will be the last recipe (at least for a while) that contains dairy or meat. I just found out that I am really VERY intolerant to any dairy products, as well as, to meat. Great, huh? So veganism, here I come. To tell the truth, it wasn't a shocking news to me, I already knew that. I even was a vegan for almost a year back in 2005. But since I was eating according to what my body wanted and liked I felt great! I felt amazing and thought that why should I restrain myself from my favorite foods like cheese and yogurt and milk? They are healthy, anyways. So I went back to a diet where I ate everything. It was a healthy diet, but not for me. So first of all, I gained weight and accepted being bloated as a normal thing. When I saw the signs that I just had too much protein in me ( skin rash), I would always stop eating dairies and it would all go away. But I always went back to eating every

Italian Rice Cake

I've been eyeing this lovely  Tuscan Rice Cake  recipe for a while now. I put it on my want-to-make list and when we were discussing what dessert is ought to be made this weekend, we all decided that something with rice. Either a rice pudding or this cake. Since this cake is like a special occasion dessert, I chose to make it. Also, I just found out that September is  #ricel o ve  month so I was more than eager to take part of it for the very first time in my blogging life. I found out about the Rice Blog Hop on  Mis Pensamientos   page.  This cake really is very delicate. I put less sugar than the recipe indicated and some of us missed that sugar. I didn't but I did miss something. I still haven't figured it out what but some dominant flavor. Like peach preserve in the middle or a caramel filling or more vanilla. I'm not sure. But every time I have a bite I keep searching for more flavor. It's not that I discourage you from making this cake but I'm warning tha

Brown Butter Walnut Cake with Chocolate-Mocha Ganache

This post is yet again an example of how I procrastinate when it comes to studying or making a presentation. Whichever. This is going to be a lovely tale about a "magnifique" cake.  I got my inspiration to make that brown butter walnut sensation from  Procrastobaker . It is seriously one of the best things I've ever baked. I do not think the photos do justice when I tried to catch how breath-taking the cake is once a bite lands in your mouth... It is crispy on the outside and so juicy in the inside and the chocolate-mocha ganache goes just perfectly well with it. I changed the original recipe a bit, as I worked with walnuts and I added a layer of chocolate cream inside the cake, as well. Also, it is important to add that it is best one day after it was made. While it chilled in the fridge. Oh my... It was such a hit! Definitely going to make it again...and again... :) But I won't keep you on your toes and fill you in with this lovely recipe! Brown Butter W

Sourdough (lacking) Walnut Bread

I was dying to bake something, but to stick to my resolution in which I promised that baking is restricted to the weekends, I did not. So since my plans got canceled on a Friday night (ouch) I was left with a huge motivation to create something that will be edible. So how to do that? Bake and yet not bake? The idea just came to me as a lightening bolt. BREAD!!! I have never made a bread before...I mean, if I don't count focaccia, pizza and biscuits as bread products. I wanted also a walnut healthy style bread. So I started searching for recipes when my Mom showed me a flour mix that we had forever but never used it. Bread flour mix with sourdough so all I have to add is some warm water. Ehhh....Too easy to be true, right? Well, as it turned out, yes. I should have made my own dough with yeast because the mix either lacked of the sourdough or it just dyed in it... Therefore, the dough never rose up. And I did wait for a night... But after baking it, it tastes good, it tastes like t

Sausage-Bell pepper Baked Eggs with Gouda Cheese

I've been on a very unhealthy-irregular diet in the past two weeks. I let in to my cravings, I ate snickers, M&Ms, drank a coke, ate way too much bread...Well, you can imagine. I knew I shouldn't have had those forbidden fruits (for me they are) but I just wanted them so I thought why not! Yesterday I got to my better sense and said no to that very weak part of me. Ah how grateful I am for that good sense of mine! :)  It's official; lazy period is over!!!  So when my family started to feel hungry this morning I took charge that today I am making breakfast! They craved grilled cheese sandwich but I thought that why not make it healthier and bake some eggs? I've been wanting to make some for ages, mainly with spinach but since we don't have any at home so I just used some red bell peppers. And to please the men section as well, I cubed some sausages...The gouda cheese was the top of the cake, it went so incredibly well with everything that we all were extremely s

Hungarian Kakaós Csiga (Chocolate Rolls)

Frankly, I missed baking so much! Even though I needed one baking-free month to lose all the weight I gained due to the excessive baking mania I got over this summer I just cannot stop it! So I decided that I don't have to give up this love of mine but I do have to figure out something that will not leave me end up gaining weight again. What to do, what to do...Bake only in the weekends! And probably I should get a grip and not stuff my face until I can't move...Which didn't really happen today. I ate like 6 of these lovely chocolate rolls...I guess, no dinner for Csilla tonight :P These rolls are from a traditional Hungarian pastry recipe. I called my Grandma to ask for the recipe and as it always happens with Grandma recipes she did not know the measurements...I don't know if it's only with my grandmas but they always work with their eyes so they usually have no idea how much grams I need from this or that... So I turned to an ancient Hungarian cookbook and that

Nepalese Coconut Rice Pudding

I am back home. I am back to school. I am back to "normal". Although I have gained so much memories and knowledge about the world and myself that I can barely consider my new normal to the old normal. I look at everything with a new perception and has everything a new meaning. This one month was not long but it definitely had a huge impact on my life. I loved being in Nepal!!! I love Nepal and I cannot wait to go back :) India is awaiting for me, as well...although it is SO not the place to travel to alone. I was alone in my adventure only for 3 days in India and it wasn't the best idea!! Even though I did meet with new friends along the way... :) But if you are wondering to have a trip to India alone, I would not recommend it. Except for going on a retreat. That is different. And maybe it was only Delhi. So my not recommendation goes to only Delhi :) Could I be more confusing?? hahaaaha So about the rice pudding. I am such a rice pudding junkie! I have always loved it,