Sausage-Bell pepper Baked Eggs with Gouda Cheese


I've been on a very unhealthy-irregular diet in the past two weeks. I let in to my cravings, I ate snickers, M&Ms, drank a coke, ate way too much bread...Well, you can imagine. I knew I shouldn't have had those forbidden fruits (for me they are) but I just wanted them so I thought why not! Yesterday I got to my better sense and said no to that very weak part of me. Ah how grateful I am for that good sense of mine! :) 
It's official; lazy period is over!!! 
So when my family started to feel hungry this morning I took charge that today I am making breakfast! They craved grilled cheese sandwich but I thought that why not make it healthier and bake some eggs? I've been wanting to make some for ages, mainly with spinach but since we don't have any at home so I just used some red bell peppers. And to please the men section as well, I cubed some sausages...The gouda cheese was the top of the cake, it went so incredibly well with everything that we all were extremely satisfied after our spontaneous brunch! I must add that this small cup is VERY satiating. I am still so full, I can't really think of eating again anytime soon :P
A huge recommendation for baked eggs! 

Sausage-Bell pepper Baked Eggs with Gouda Cheese
makes for 4

4 bigger eggs
1 cup Gouda cheese
1-2 cups cubed sausage
1 red bell pepper - very thinly cut
salt, pepper

Place the cut bell peppers evenly in 4 fire-resisting cups. Add the sausages and then the cheese on top.

Crack one egg in one cup and sprinkle salt and pepper on it. Put the cups in the pre-heated oven and bake them for about 10-13 minutes on 200C (390F).
Enjoy :)


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