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Travelling plays a significant role in my life. As I've already mentioned in my About Me page, I live to travel. It is one of my biggest passions in life besides cooking and baking. I feel so blessed to be able to travel as much as I have in the past! I honestly am more than grateful for that. I come out of my way at times just to save up in order to afford a small trip. Because no matter how short a trip is, every second of it counts! If I don't have the money or the time to go for a long journey, I will be happy to have a nice weekend somewhere :)

When I travel, I love to combine it with my other love; gastronomy. So you can say I go on gastronomy tours... :) This is the best part of traveling, I'm sure! Okay, besides breathing in the new cultures, getting to know the locals and learn about ourselves. Because you have to get out there to really get to know you. Getting out of our comfort zones shows parts of ourselves that we don't even know they exist! I mean, this is how it's like for me. 

My favorite type of traveling is when I'm alone. I know it might sound weird but this is how you can really blend in. This is how you'll meet new people... Of course, it's not always convenient. Of course, I hardly ever travel alone but when I do, I enjoy it a lot! :)

So, as you can tell I'm pretty much in love with discovering new places, so I thought why not dedicate a page to this passion of mine? Here, I will link to all the posts I write about traveling. I hope you'll enjoy reading them... :)



  1. Hi Csilla. What will be your next destination?

    I too have travelled in the past by myself and enjoyed it a lot! In my college years I had the opportunity of visiting several countries in Central and Northern Europe on my own (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Finland) and the experience was every bit as fun as my travels with company, but even more enriching.

    My favorite destinations so far with regards to food have been the South East of France, Morocco, Mexico and my native Spain. The UK and US, countries where I've been living for a while, are also amazing in the sense that they are true melting pots and every cuisine imaginable is easy to find if you live in/visit the right place (thankfully I do).

    I am dying to visit South East Asia some time in the near future. Loved your post sharing your experience in Nepal! I have Vietnam/Malaysia/Japan in mind at the moment, but the super short holiday allowances in the US make it just a dream for the time being...

  2. Anabel, I am so sorry for not writing back sooner! Your travels sound amazing! I think Europe is awesome for travelling and checking out all the culture and architecture and gastronomy...and people. But I'd so much rather prefer living somewhere else. Although, it's true I haven't tried living in Spain or France yet... My dream is to settle in the US when I'm ready to have a family on my own :)
    But yes, Asia is my favorite!! It's too bad you get only a short holiday allowance... But I definitely encourage you to go there! I still have so many places on my mind to check out... But they remain dreams for now...

  3. Gratulàlok a nagyon finom kakàos csiga receptet !

    Màr Kétszer probàltàm. Egyre jobbàn lett !

    Köszi szépen!


    1. Köszönöm szépen!! :) Örülök, hogy ízlett!! :)

  4. i like this page and your récipes!!! I from Mexico

  5. I like your blog site. I just come back from yellowstone tours. Its a really good time period for me and i enjoy all the traveling terms on this. Your recipes are so cool. I try must your recipe on my home and on my next tour plan. Thanks for valuable sharing.

    1. Thank you!! Hope you had a great time in Yellowstone! :)


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