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Nutella stuffed baked Doughnuts

My all-time problem with doughnuts was always that after eating only one my stomach felt uncomfortably full. Okay, my stomach is more sensitive than the normal but still... The oil, sugar and yeasty dough are not our bodies' best friends :) They make me feel heavy and sick. That's why I always tried to avoid eating them. But ever since I came upon the recipe which bakes the small puffs instead of frying, it changed my life :) Today I filled them with nutella and some strawberry jam. There are some I coated with cinnamon sugar (my favorite) and some I put sugar glaze on.  I used exactly the same recipe I already posted on my blog. Check it out here! ->  Cinnamon Coated Baked Doughnuts .  For the Nutella stuffed Doughnuts Bake doughnuts that don't have a hole in the middle. So when they are baked, poke them all the way to the other end. I used a chop stick to do that :) Fill a pastry bag with 3 Tbsp nutella and fill the center of the doughnuts.  Do

Tortellini Soup

Soups have become a staple in my kitchen. Not that I make soups that often but I love it when someone else makes them for me! :) Today was the exception when I decided to make some delicious minestrone like soup that is filled with many yummy tortellinis! I really am no good at making soups but this time I got it right! Actually, more than right :) I am completely smitten with this recipe! So light on the stomach yet so comforting. The ideal winter lunch for me :) Hope you'll like too! Tortellini Soup 2 packages of cheese or meaty tortellini 2 Tbsp olive oil 2 carrots - diced 1 onion - minced 200 grams mushrooms - cut into smaller pieces 8 sausages - cut into pieces 1 can of beans 2 cans diced tomatoes about 5 cups chicken or vegetable broth dried oregano dried basil parmesan cheese In a large pan, heat the oil and add the sausages, onion and carrots. Saute them until they get soft. Season with salt and pepper. After 7 minutes, add in the mush