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Nutella stuffed Crepes

Happy summer everyone! I just realized that I haven't posted a single recipe this summer! Ooooh, bad, bad girl. My excuse, this time, is that my computer keeps breaking down. I haven't been able to work on it this whole month! Imagine your life without your computer.  On one hand, it sounds good news to me! No computer, no work, no frustration, nothing. But on the other hand, work has to be done regardless so yup. I've been using my mom's but still, it's someone else's and inspiration doesn't hit me so hard when I don't have my stuff. Oh well. Life goes on and I have made some pretty yummy things. Like these crepes that are loaded with Nutella. I mean stuffed to the point that it's almost too much of the gooey, hazelnutty, chocolatey, rich spread. But thankfully, the crepe compensates nicely. Since it's not very sweet, the combination of the two makes a deathly good pair.  I mean, come on! Crepes are one of the best things in life.