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Gluten-Free Bounty Muffins

Muffins are boring. They are the ugly and plain cousins of cupcakes. So why am I sharing with you a muffin recipe? Because these muffins are AWESOME! They do not contain any flour. None. That is the reason why these cuties are so moist and full of rich flavors. Can you imagine a better pairing than coconut and chocolate? Okay, there are some pretty amazing combos, just think about the lemon- poppy seed marriage or how about some white chocolate with lime? But that's beside my point :) These muffins made my muffin-disliking family swear by them! That is something! Oh and it's so quick to make them... They're ready in 30 minutes! With the baking time :) So do not hesitate, and try! The only special item you need is some coconut milk powder but you can purchase it in any store. At least, I do hope so :) Bounty Muffins makes 12 muffins 70 grams melted butter 4 egg whites 150 grams powdered sugar 100 grams coconut milk powder 100 grams unsweetened sh

Pad Thai

I feel so bad about not posting anything for weeks. I have my excuses. But who likes hearing about excuses? Not me! So probably no one else, either.  Although I'd like to share that I have finished writing my thesis! I wrote about the crises' of South Asia. It was such a drag...I had a serious writer's block going on and I procrastinated so much that in the end I had 2 weeks left to write the whole thing. I basically did nothing besides writing, eating and sleeping. Exciting life, huh? Now that it's over, I've got even more scholar stuffs to do than before! But I'll be graduating in 2 months, if all goes well...So that's worth all the hard work, right? :) But enough about me and let's talk about these noodles! I do not think there's one person who wouldn't like pad thai! Even those who swear not to eat any weird looking asian food, like my Grandma, will like this meal after having one bite! It is an authentic thai recipe, due to my M

Kalács / Challah Bread

Easter is around the corner and so is the start of the excessive baking! In Hungary, there is no Easter without kalács or challah bread (Okay challah and kalács are not the same thing but pretty similar). This is pretty much my all time favorite Easter food which I like to eat with butter and have a nice hot cocoa with it. So simple yet so delicious! This bread is super moist and soft! I've never made one before because we usually just buy it... I know. Shame on me! But this year, I got a request from Trixi to share the recipe of it. So, I took this as a challenge and started looking for recipes that would result in a beautiful and tender kalács. Well, after reading through many many recipes I just stuck to a traditional Hungarian one. And am I glad that I did! It turned out to be perfect! Okay, maybe next time I could improve on my braiding technique and probably shouldn't be so sloppy about the dough rolling part, but oh well! I am pretty dang proud of myself! :) It wasn'