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Coconut Grits Dumplings

The past weeks have not been easy on me thus there was no posts from me. I feel terrible about it but probably due to stressing I was just simply out of inspiration. Even today, when I came home to my parents' I had no idea what to make that would cut it to make it on the blog.  Cooking and baking just weren't a priority lately. I missed it but every time I finally started to make something, nothing turned out any good! Has it ever occurred to anyone that even if you paid attention, you just messed everything up? Well, that just took all my joy away so I just kinda stopped doing it.  It's not like I didn't cook anything but nothing were just phenomenal to post about, you know? Until today! I've been eyeing this recipe since I first saw it but I just never got to it. Too bad! Because these dumplings are just ridiculously easy to make and ohhh my gosh sooo good!! I'm not exaggerating, they are really really delicious! The base is a very simple gri

Zucchini Parmesan Basil Soup

I feel so bad for disappearing for such a long time! Honestly, I have no excuses. I was unmotivated and uninspired to take pictures of anything I had cooked or baked in the past weeks. Let me explain how such a thing can happen to me, me who is in love with taking pictures of anything but mostly of food! So the joy that filled my days after graduating from college and that I could enjoy life and summer has ceased as August rolled in. Because the enormous question has risen that what now? I need a job.  So I started searching frantically for a job or an internship. Turns out it's one hell of a job itself to find a job! I know, it should have been obvious but it wasn't to me until now. So I got less and less enthusiastic about being out of school each and every day.  Decisions, decisions...  So until a few days ago when I finally made up my mind to go to a graduate school in the spring and until then I'll just do some work. This calmed me down a bit so inspiratio