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Marble Bundt Cake

Last weekend, when I made these lovely  Doughnuts   I talked about how I was supposed to make a bundt cake. I mean, how I imagined baking one. But I was in a sad - so sad- situation of not owning a bundt cake pan. I accepted that I have to postpone my desire of making and actually tasting it. Because, yes I admit, I have never in my life had bundt cake. So when I came home this Friday I was completely blown away by my wonderful family who got me a cake pan! They are the best! The best of the best! :) No wonder, I didn't hesitate but made one hell of a marble bundt cake! It is dense, chocolatey, packed with chocolate chips and smells like vanilla. Love, love, love it!!  I had some trouble with the baking part because the recipe says bake for about an hour. Since my oven usually bakes faster I thought 50 minutes will be plenty! So when the 50 minutes have passed I did the toothpick try and it seemed perfect. I took it out to realize that oh no, it is not perfect. It was still runny


Being a vegan means you've gotta introduce all kinds of meals into your diet if you want to stick to being a vegan. It can be really very discouraging to be one if you are not on the constant seek of something new to try. I am a true foodie and love to eat everyday something different but to be honest, veganism is not at all that popular yet. Yes, there are many of us who chose this lifestyle but the majority of people do not understand why one wouldn't eat dairy products since they are healthy. So eating out can be a little challenging, mainly in Hungary. What's more challenging is to come home to my family in which the men don't consider a meal without a massive amount of meat. Okay, I can always skip the meat part but I need something nutritious to eat, too! And no, I can't eat simple mixed salad all the time as a  a main meal. So I was more than happy when my Mom came home with boxes of bulgur and couscous! Yay, something different!  Having bulgur at home means

Cinnamon Sugar Coated Baked Doughnuts

I am sick. I am weak and definitely aren't craving any sweets. But it's the weekend. And I was dying to make a bundt cake. I know...Bundt cake is not relative to doughnuts. Not even slightly. Let me explain. I WANTED to make a bundt cake but as it turned out, we do not own such a cake pan. Bummer, right? But my mom was being her awesome self and found the doughnut pans which were missing for about 6 years. I got them 6 years ago, tried them once, didn't succeed so "someone" removed from eyesight ever since...  But now that we have them and no bundt cake pan so let's make doughnuts! I was searching for a recipe that didn't have a glaze on it, we are out of powdered sugar... And  this  recipe kept coming up. And is good. Really good. Even though I am talking about doughnuts, these are not super unhealthy due to them baked not fried. My stomach was light afterwards unlike with its fried version.  So if you're in super need of a doughnut, give

Pumpkin Pie

Autumn is all about pies, right? At least, about apple and pumpkin pies! So yep, I made a pumpkin pie. A very unpopular one, in fact. I tried to impress everyone with my oh-so fantastic skill of cutting out leaves from the crust dough. But nope, it didn't help, either. I guess, no one is up for pumpkins here! Not my family, not friends. No one. Not even me. Seriously, how sad is this?  But hold gets even sadder. I made this pie from scratch with fresh pumpkin. Just imagine, I dealt with the whole fuss of a fresh pumpkin! And no one got like ooooh-aaaah this is just soooo gooood like I imagined someone at least would. Nope, the best review I got was: yeah, it tastes like pumpkin. It's good. But it tastes like pumpkin.  Gosh! Now, I will share the recipe and if you still like pumpkins I will encourage you to try this recipe out because it really is a good one! I made one last year (yes, from fresh pumpkin) but it was not nearly as good as this one and last year's was

Caramel Apple Pie

Baking with apples always make me feel so happy. I'm not sure what it is but it just comforts me. The smell, the peeling, the whole procedure... It makes me think that all is well. And after tasting this pie...everything really is more than fine! :) haha! I know there are millions of apple pie recipes and frankly, I've tried so many of them but neither of them convinced me to make it again. Until I came to my senses and realized, I can make my own pie! I mean, the filling... :) I used a real existing recipe (from a cookbook) for the crust. Oh my...Okay, I promised myself not to use exaggerating words like the best, perfect anymore. But my oh my, this crust was just fabulous, might I say! Not dry at all, not sticky and blends completely with the filling! First, it frightened me that it requires yeast. I was puzzled, why do I need yeast in a crust?? But it really worked! No idea, what exactly it did to the dough but tasted awesome. So I don't even bother figuring out why. :

The Cookie Project

I had a previous post about a certain chocolate chip cookie recipe. I thought that was the best I could get. Boy, was I wrong! So first of all, after a while not having cookies I started doubting the recipe that it is the best...I mean, it tastes amazing and for some who is all for the crispy, chewy, flat cookies, that is your recipe. But I saw pictures on several blogs that something way better exists. The pictures looked so good that I just wanted to make those mine!! So 2 weeks ago I decided that I'd jump into a cookie project and find the absolute recipe for chocolate chip cookies! Sounds pretty fun, right? Well, let me tell ya...Baking 5 different types of CCC (choc. chip cookies) and not really liking any of them can be a little bit disappointing. I started doubting my baking skills (which are far from anything perfect but you know...). I was SO frustrated that I baked a different batch each day. I tried them all, the cookie dough was always good. I mean, how wrong can you

Banana-Apple Bread

Weekend = Baking. That is a statement. This action cannot be changed, left out, postponed. Except if I travel somewhere. Travel is number one. Then comes baking. So as I already mentioned I changed lifestyle to vegan. I am a very happy vegan who is even happier when I get to cheat from time to time and eat some crepes, like I did yesterday. I know real vegans don't cheat, they are perfect...But I didn't go vegan because of philosophy, I don't eat meat and dairy because my body doesn't tolerate it. That is a slight difference.  But today is Saturday and I am home with my family. No guests are coming so it is entirely up to me what I choose to make as a dessert today! And to stick to a healthy diet I chose banana bread! I have been dying to make it for years. But no one ever said yes to my proposal to make banana bread so I simply acknowledged that it has to wait. Until today! Because I found 2 ripe bananas in the kitchen and that just called for a banana bread! :) It

Rákóczi Túrós - Hungarian Ricotta Cake

Before I start now, let me state that this is NOT the traditional Hungarian Rákóczi Túrós recipe. As usual, I altered the recipe, used different measurements, different ingredients so basically it is a Ricotta cake inspired by the Hungarian Rákóczi túrós. This "rákóczi túrós" is not a cake, it is a farmers cheese bar with a short pastry base and whipped egg white on top with peach preserve drops. I modified the whole thing because I found this Hungarian dessert too dry. I never liked it. Which is surprising because I am a huuuuge fan of farmers cheese or ricotta (the 2 things are almost the same). But I just don't like it baked. I like it fresh.  The short pastry was another problem, I really don't think short pastry is likable. It is dry, it puts extra calories on any dessert with it...It's just something I don't fancy. So what to do? I found 2 packages of some dry oat cookies...Hmm...Ricotta is like cheese...I am making ricotta cake which is like almost che