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Cinnamon Sugar Coated Baked Doughnuts

I am sick. I am weak and definitely aren't craving any sweets. But it's the weekend. And I was dying to make a bundt cake. I know...Bundt cake is not relative to doughnuts. Not even slightly. Let me explain. I WANTED to make a bundt cake but as it turned out, we do not own such a cake pan. Bummer, right?
But my mom was being her awesome self and found the doughnut pans which were missing for about 6 years. I got them 6 years ago, tried them once, didn't succeed so "someone" removed from eyesight ever since... 
But now that we have them and no bundt cake pan so let's make doughnuts! I was searching for a recipe that didn't have a glaze on it, we are out of powdered sugar... And this recipe kept coming up. And is good. Really good. Even though I am talking about doughnuts, these are not super unhealthy due to them baked not fried. My stomach was light afterwards unlike with its fried version. 

So if you're in super need of a doughnut, give this a try! Worth it! :)

Cinnamon Sugar coated Doughnuts
makes for about 15 doughnuts

1 egg
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup warm milk
1 tablespoon dry yeast - for me it was a 7gram package
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla
2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups flour - I needed more than 3 cups
1 stick butter

for the cinnamon sugar
1 stick butter
1 cup sugar

With a paddle attachment beat the egg with the sugar. Add in the milk, yeast, salt and vanilla. Add 2 cups of flour and then the butter and beat until smooth. Add in the rest of the flour. It should be soft and moist but not sticky.
Cover the bowl with a towel and let it rise for an hour.

Roll the dough out and with biscuit cutters cut holes out. I didn't have a biscuit cutter so i just formed the dough with my hands. Place the dough in the doughnut pan and let it rise for 20 minutes in a warm environment. I put it on the heater. When they rise to their double size bake them for 10-12 minutes on 200C.

Melt the butter. Combine sugar with the cinnamon. Dip the baked doughnut in the melted butter and coat it with the cinnamon sugar. Enjoy :)


  1. Those baked doughnuts look heavenly! I hope you feel better soon..well, I would for sure,if I was served with those doughnuts ;-))

  2. Oh yes, doughnuts make sickness bearable for sure! Thank you! :)

  3. Those look like some heavenly doughnuts! Hope you're feeling better. Wait - what am I saying? Doughnuts make everything better!

  4. i lost my favorite recipe and will definitely try this one tomorrow , thanks for sharing

  5. how do you create such perfect things....

  6. I tried baking them at 200 degrees, but they were no where being done. Is that really the right temperature?

  7. Jennifer
    The recipe calls for 200C which is 392F.

  8. these look great! I've been wanting to try a doughnut thats baked not fried! what type of flour are you using for these though?

  9. Oh my gosh, these look totally amazing!! Definitely need to give a try, they look puffy and delicious! :)

  10. Oh thank you!! Oh yes, they are puffy and soft and everything they ought to :)
    Bec, I used cake flour! I was eyeing the whole wheat spelt flour but thought no way am I gonna mess up this lovely recipe :D

  11. Yum! I so wish I had a doughnut pan!

  12. These are definitely going to be a must try for me! I can already tell by the ingredient list that I will never be able to make enough to satisfy my family! lol The photo makes me want to try the recipe right now! :)

  13. I have always wanted to make homemade donuts! Thanks for the inspiration!!! xo

  14. Unfortunatelly, I don't have a doughnut pan. Can I use a regular pan instead?

  15. I think you can make it without a doughnut pan! They won't be as "perfectly" shaped but they will hold up...At least that's what I think :) Try it and let me know!

  16. Hi, Is the butter melted or softened?


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