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Top 10 Recipes of 2012!

Skipping the cliches that the year has passed in a heartbeat I'll just jump right into evaluating it a bit! :) Sure, it went by quickly and much has happened. But I am sure it is like that for everyone! Because time is funny like that... it just passes. Mainly if you enjoy yourself! But even if you don't, it will go on. 

So a bit late but I want to wish everyone a very very happy, successful, upbeat and lovely new year!!! :) I really hope you celebrated the end of 2012 well! Even if you fell asleep by 10pm or had an awful lot of drinks like I had :P 
But either way, 2013 is here and we all get to start it with new cards and even newer goals! :) Let's make 2013 a good one!

So! At the end of a year, I like to evaluate the passed year. What has changed, what has happened, what I've learned. My looks haven't changed much but what's inside me is what really counts! I got to experience so many things... Both good and bad. There were absolute happiness along with the heartbreaks and the good ole boring days. That's life :) But I grow from all of it, that's how I get to become a better person each and every day. At least, I try :) Some days I succeed and some days the worse self of mine comes out and plays a bit, pushing me back on my life path. But that's okay. We can't be kind, funny and wise every single day! :)

Okay, I will show you what were my most popular recipes in 2012! The homemade nutella is still the absolute favorite but that's so 2011 and so it didn't make the list! :) Hope you'll enjoy :)

Favorite Number 10

This recipe is still my favorite numero uno for cookies! It beats the New York Times recipe for me! Totally, seriously amazing cookies that are chewy, gooey and crispy all at once! The secret I believe is to melt and then chill the margarine or butter you work with!

Favorite Number 9

Looking at this picture already makes me wanna have some of this grilled cheese! The grilled eggplant really made this sandwich over the top. Oh my... I am really craving this now! :)

Favorite Number 8

Everything is better with peanut butter! So what's even better? PB Cookies that are made with your own homemade PB! Add in some oatmeal and chocolate chunks and you have cookies that are pretty much sent from heaven! And healthy! 

Favorite Number 7

It took me by utter surprise when I saw how popular this recipe became! Okay, these fritters are delicious but they got more popular than fried chicken! WHAT?! :D Anyways, I must be real hungry since I really wanna make some of these now too! And if you haven't tried the recipe, it really is time!

Favorite Number 6

The only recipe you'll ever need to make the best peanut butter ever! So creamy and so ridiculously easy! 

Favorite Number 5

The best of the best cheesecake recipe ever. Really. This cheesecake is hands down my MOST favorite cake and dessert in the whole world! Oh my. Such a treat, such an indulgence! I'm making it for my birthday next year, I mean...this year! :)

Favorite Number 4

Makes me so so happy that this recipe made the 4th place! Because this is one of my own recipes :) I just dreamed that I should combine oatmeal and pancakes into one! And so so so good! Made without added sugar, it is the best breakfast for dieters and non-dieters, as well!

Favorite Number 3

Another concoction of mine! And no wonder it's one of my all time "bestseller" recipes :) S'mores in any form is like the best thing ever but combined with a cookie... Amazing! But  these are not for the dieters ;) 

Favorite Number 2

PAD THAI! Need I say more? This recipe is the original, authentic Thai one so it is not modified, nothing. That's how they make it :)


Now that didn't surprise me! This chicken tikka masala recipe is my family's favorite thing ever. If I didn't object, they would make me do it every single week when I go home :) It's that seriously finger-lickingly good. Anyways, Indian food is like the best! So try it!! :)

I am so so so happy I got to do a list like this! And it's all because of you reading my blog! :) Thank you so much! I love sharing my own or my favorite recipes! I can't even grasp how far I came from the early stages when I only started. I still need to go a long way but I think I'm on the right track :)

Again, I wish you a very happy new year!!!


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