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The Hunger Games review

I just recently finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy. I can't really put into words how much I loved the series...Reading is one of the things in life I enjoy a LOT. And when I say a lot I mean a lot :) I practically always carry a book in my purse. Actually, when buying a purse, the most important thing it needs to have is enough space for a thick book.
I think, it speaks for itself of showing my love for the reading materials... :P

I like many genres but mostly adventurous stories that grab my attention. I'm really not into romantic novels. Well, maybe except for Nicholas Sparks. He writes the BEST love stories! But other than him, I just never buy a romantic book. I do love romance in a story but it also have to be one that is constantly moving, keeping me on my toes and making me ask: what's gonna happen???

But back to The Hunger Games. The series are written for young adults and are considered to be science fiction. Well, yes labeling the book is a tough nut because it has parts of many genres. The story takes place in Panem that is the country that once North-Anerica was. It has 12 districts which are in strict order and binded by the Capitol. The districts are on the verge of starvation and cannot do anything about it. However, the Capitol and its citizens live a lavish life and entertained by the Hunger Games which is held annually "celebrating", in other words reminding the districts, the Capitol's victory over the districts when those had a rebellion. The rebellion resulted in destroying the 13th district and creating the cruel Hunger Games. The Games are basically the same as the gladiator games were in the ancient Rome, only in a much much bigger stadium. The players are selected from each district; a boy and a girl between the age of 12-18. They have to "play" against each other while the whole Panem is watching them on the TV. The stadium can consist of a sea, desert, jungle or normal woods, wild animals and other extremely cruel traps that the Gamemakers throw on the players if there isn't enough slaughter so the Games start to become boring...

Now, there are going to be spoilers so stop reading if you are planning to read the books!
The main character is Katniss Everdeen who is a 17 year old girl living in the 12th district, commonly known the poorest district, but as we get to know from later on it is the loosest district from the Capitol, too. She is such a complex person. She's basically very good, her family is the most important thing in her life but mostly, her 12 year old sister, Prim. She's her priority and that is how she ends up in the Games. She's the breadwinner of her family which she manages with hunting. She sneaks out of dictrict 12 with her best friend and potential love interest, Gale to hunt in the nearby forest. The fact that she is a hunter is an essential point in the book. This is partly how she survives. This and that she has a very raw nature. I wouldn't call her cruel but she accepts the killing. She knows that in order to stay alive she has to kill so she does. She also has something about her that makes people think she's able to do anything. She's strong and fast and stands out. She doesn't mean to be extraordinary and rebel against the system but she just happens to do it.

The other chosen from district 12 is Peeta Mellark. He is the purest, kindest soul in the whole book, okay besides Prim and Rue. He played a huge role in Katniss' life even before they were chosen. He gave her breads when she thought she and her family will starve themselves to death because her father just died and had no money to buy food. He saved her. And he fell in love with her without even talking to her. He does everything in order to save her. Throughout all the books. Even when he's in his crazy mental state. His best attributes are not physical although he amazing with his hands whether it is drawing, painting, decorating cakes, baking or even hiding himself. But he has the biggest heart, he is so good inside he can even fight off the craziness the Capitol made in him. He was able not to let it overtake him and kill Katniss and was able to get rid almost al of it and live a happy life with Katniss in the end. Yes, they will be together in the very end.

I always hoped Katniss would end up with Peeta although he is kinda too good for her. She couldn't even make up her mind or realize that she actually is in love with him, too. She is a serious doubter. She doubts everything, she never really believes, not even in herself and maybe that is why she could have done everything she had done in the series. But with the whole Gale story... I never really liked him. They are very similar, though. Not only look almost the same, they share so much more...From losing their dads in the same mine accident, the hunting togethers to having the same nature...They should make a great couple but when they are in district 13 or long before they even get to 13 they don't really get along so well anymore. Because Gale kissed her and that one kiss changed their whole relationship which was based on friendship. Katniss knew that he liked her and she likes him, too and even think that if they weren't in the situation they are..they would get married and have children. But it can't happen because she went to the Games, there is Peeta she can't find out what she wants to do with, her family is in danger because the Capitol is angry with her since the berry trick. And there is the other biggest problem she doesn't think about but even before it starts it's in the air. The Capitol can't continue to rule the districts the way it does. There is going to be a rebellion.

To tell the truth, I liked the 3rd book the least. I didn't like its feeling, the atmosphere it had. District 13...All the way that led to Katniss accept being the Mockingjay, I had a weird feeling that district 13 is not a whole lot better than the Capitol. And after...President Coin is just ewww. The whole strictness of 13. Sure, there needed to be an order in order to stay alive cut away from everything and everyone for so long. But their rules go agaisnt human nature. Humans and all living creatures want to be free. Not to have people to tell them what to do all the time. And that felt just wrong how they got their schedule tattooed on their arms every single day. Not to be able to eat as much as you want...In theory, it is actually a good idea but in reality...Not really.
So I really liked in the very end when Katniss didn't kill president Snow but Coin. I loved that. It was actually the best part of the 3rd book, I think. It all made sense right then. i hated that Prim died, though. But she had to die in order to Katniss figure out lots of things. And maybe hadn't she died, she wouldn't have ended up with Peeta, either.

So all in all, I liked how it ended. I mean...this is how it makes sense. I would have like a happier ending, sure. Katniss is a total wreck after the Capitol falls and Prim dies. It's totally understandable and that is how anyone would be like if they went through everything she went through. Actually, I would have already died in the first Games. She is The Survivor. Along with Peeta.

Ahh I could write so much more about the book but it's too long already so... It is an amazing book, it made me addicted! I recommend it to...basically everyone!
And the movie is coming out next year!! Yay!!!


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