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Strawberry Ricotta Cream

I woke up early this morning. To start my studying session early. Well, as you can tell I am not studying! I just finished eating this delicious yet nutritious bowl of ricotta cream!
So, as I mentioned earlier I started eating like crazy healthily. It lasted for about a week. I mean the part where I didn't eat bread and sugar and all that stuff. 
Because, really. Who am I kidding? I'm a carb girl! I love bread with salted butter! So denying it from myself is not doing any good because portion control is key. If I don't stuff my face with the whole white bread then I'll be fine with that one (maybe two) slice of whole wheat bread. 
Oh and because I started eating really, really less it resulted me starving! Not at the time when I was in that crazy mode of IMGONNALOSEWEIGHT no matter what. No, it came after the first pounds went down and I got a bit calm that oh I can do it. 
So now, this weekend I also drank on that empty stomach... Not good, my friends, not good. Didn't take much to get a horrible hangover the day after. 
And a hangover is anything but good for a diet! Okay, I tried. I really tried restraining myself from my usual hangover foods like pizza, grilled cheese, well basically anything that has a ton of grease and calories! :D I ate salad. SALAD! Huh.. Such a weirdo. But wait, it gets weirder...
I went RUNNING! Crazy, crazy girl. I also did a 4mile run. Okay, more like walking half of the distance but still. I tried! So yeah, the next 2 days I gave in and didn't exercise at all.
I ate tiramisu, grilled cheese, mug cookie, cheesy omlette, white bread....ahhh. 

But yesterday, everything went back to normal. I studied like a mad person (entrance exam tomorrow! yikes!), ate less, ran and slept. Exciting life, huh? But oh well.

My main point is that if you are bored with oatmeal or eggs in the morning, try this ricotta cream! It's sooo healthy and packed with lots of protein! I added a ton of strawberries, sweetened it with a bit of maple syrup and voila! Diet-friendly dessert for breakfast!

Strawberry Ricotta Cream
makes for one

1 cup ricotta
2 heaped tsp greek yogurt
2 tsp maple syrup
splash of vanilla
a handful of strawberries - cut into small bits

Mash the ricotta with the yogurt, syrup and vanilla with a fork. You should be done in 5 minutes and then stir in the strawberry bits. Add a bit more syrup if you like it sweeter.


  1. That does look creamy and delicious. Nice for feeling a little indulgent, without totally wrecking the diet.

    1. It is actually very good for you! So much protein and so much flavour! ;)

  2. Always love your recipes theya re just so unique...strwaberriess are love so good for our health looks so yummy and delicious..adding it in my diet plan.


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