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Strawberry Ricotta Cake - Epres Túrótorta

The question was what to make with the strawberries? We had a mild disagreement when it came to answering that specific question. I had a strawberry ricotta cream on my mind. My family had something different. But we came to the conclusion to have a strawberry ricotta cake! This cake has a soft and chocolatey-walnutty base and a thick but creamy and fresh layer of ricotta cream on top! To make it even more irresistible there are hidden strawberries under the ricotta cream! It is a very light and satisfying dessert, ideal for a Sunday afternoon indulgence :)
ps: This beauty was created by my lovely Mom. I'm having finals so I don't quite have the time for baking.

Strawberry Ricotta Cake

for the base

2 eggs
2 tablespoons sugar
1 tablespoon flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon bread crumbs
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tablespoon corn starch
3/4 cup walnuts - rough chopped

Whisk egg whites with the sugar until stiff. Incorporate the egg yolks, flour mixed with the baking soda, bread crumbs, cocoa powder, starch and chopped walnuts. 
Pour the dough into a 26 cm big cake pan and bake it for 10 minutes on 170C.

for the cream

500 grams ricotta cheese
180 grams powdered sugar
1 lemon
400 ml heavy cream
500 grams strawberries + 100 grams
1 sheet gelatin
4 tablespoons water

Using a hand mixer, mix together the ricotta cheese with the sugar, the juice and the zest of the lemon. 
Whip the cream to soft peaks. Mash the strawberries with a blender.
Soak the sheet gelatin in water for 5 minutes, then wring it gently to remove excess water. After that, add it to the 4 tablespoons of water and warm it until the gelatin dissolved. 
Add the strawberry puree to the ricotta, then gently fold into the whipped cream. Add 1-2 tablespoons of ricotta cream to the melted gelatin and if it's incorporated then pour it into the ricotta cream. Mix it together. 

When the cake base has cooled down, put it on a plate. Place the sides of the cake pan over it so the ricotta cream would hold up. Cut 100 grams of strawberry to smaller pieces and put them over the cake. Pour 2-3 tablespoons of some type of liquore, like Amaretto on it. Add the ricotta cream. Let the cake chill in the fridge for at least 8 hours. Decorate it with strawberries. Enjoy :)


  1. this looks beautiful! we made strawberry shortcake this weekend that was delish! good luck with your finals.

  2. i wanted to make shortcake, as well!! maybe next weekend :) thank you!!!

  3. Ahhh this just looks incredible! Perfect for the hot weather we are in right now, and my other half adores anything strawberry so big thumbs up to this!!

    1. Thank you!! Oh yeah this is the ideal dessert for hot summer days! :) It has the perfect ratio of sour and sweet... Worth trying it! :)
      I'm a sucker for strawberries as well, so this is my mooost favorite season when I can eat them every single day :)

  4. I think I speak for all when I say... YUM-O! I will share this recipe with my mom, they are having sooo many strawberries in the orchard this year - they've been having strawberries all through the winter, go figure. She was just telling me the other day she didn't know what else to do with them, I'm sure she's going to love this one.

    1. Strawberries all through the winter??? WHAT?? That would be like a dream for me :)) Ah, I wish I didn't need to watch what I eat so I could make a strawberry dessert every other day... Let me know if you made this cake!

  5. Every Friday, I share my favorite food finds in a series called Food Fetish Friday. I love this post so much I'm featuring it as part of the roundup (with a link-back and attribution) and I hope you have no objections. It's a pleasure following your creations…

    1. i found your blog through the friday roundup... :)
      just made this cake... its in the fridge and now i have to wait till tomorrow.... MJUM!!!!

    2. Really?? Oooh so exciting!! I hope it'll be just as delicious as my mom's was!!! Let me know how it was!!!

    3. yes, we had it for break fast and it was very good! i did half the ricotta/strawberrie-cream. the "crust" with the walnuts and eggwhites was also very special...
      do you think i can freeze the cake? (its still so big, even with half the cream!)

      thank you!!

    4. Yay! Was half the ricotta cream enough? For me, the more ricotta the better :) Yeah, freeze it! We always freeze like everything... Nothing turned out bad so far... Okay less flavors but that kinda goes with it..

    5. in the end we ate it all... :D
      yes, half was enough! although double ofcourse is always better, except when you dont want to gain weight...
      i have been to budapest several times (i have a friend there), and i really like all the different small pastries (savory mostly) they sell in the subwaystations!
      also, i wonder if you have a recipe for the ricotta-chocolate-covered-thingies you can buy in the supermarket? you buy them per piece, often, and they have many different flavors, dark/milk chocolate, etc etc. i never saw those anywhere else and i really like them!

    6. yeah that's true...i always think like now ive gotta choose, i either eat dessert and be okay with gaining a bit or eat none at all. im such an all or nothing girl which is baaad.
      oh really, uve been many times here? do you like it? i know what ur talking about! it's called turo rudi! :) i dont have a recipe for the bar but i do have a recipe that is a cake! it tastes pretty close to the real deal! with a brownie base and all, its sooo good! ill link it here for you!

    7. oooh, i am going to try that recipe sometime....! thanks!!!!
      yes, i really like budapest, i think its beautiful. i like the old buildings, and the public transport is so good. and i like the small island that you can enter via one of the bridges, i forgot the name of the bridge and the island, but from the bridge you can see the parliament.

    8. Let me know if you decided to give it a try :)
      Oh wow! You like the public transportation here??? It's funny, since I pretty much despise it! Oh yeah, its called Margit-sziget! It's nice :) But people who visit tend to appreciate the places more than the ones who live there :) Are you coming back anytime soon?

    9. yes, thats usually the case... when you dont live there!
      no, i wish i could come, but i live in the US right now, and tickets are too expensive. my hungarian friend actually gets married, but i think we cannot afford to come over... :(((((((
      i havent tried the Túró rudi torta yet, but i will let you know when i do! (i will for sure, at some point!)

  6. This looks amazing!
    I have a bunch of strawberries in the fridge waiting to be included in a recipe, I may just make this!
    Thanks for the recipe. =)

    1. Thank you! :) Gotta love the strawberry season, right? :) Let me know if you decided to make it and how it turned out!


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