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This post will be nothing like I usually do but since I've been on a bed rest for a couple (feels like forever!) days I thought I'd do something special on my blog! 
I would share some of my current or all time favorite products! Okay, it might seem odd that I'm about to talk about beauty related products (too) since this blog features mainly foods but hey, diversity makes life interesting, doesn't it? So if you don't care about such things, then know that you've been warned :)

ps: Photos are not mine. 

So let's begin with my favorite kitchen/food related products! Fun stuff!

Current favorite breakfast

Current favorite lunch

Coconut Rice Pudding from Krissy's Creations

Okay, you can definitely tell that I'm sick... But this coconut rice pudding was sooo amazing! Due to my lactose intolerance I shouldn't consume milk but rice pudding is one of my favorites so I was more than happy when I discovered this recipe that uses coconut milk! Creamy and very comforting!

Indulgent snack I can't wait to try

Thousand-Layer Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tracey's Culinary Adventures

Oh man... Do these cookies look phenomenal, or what?? I am such a cookie junky. I could eat cookies every single day. Which I don't, by the way. Otherwise I'd weigh twice as much as I do now. But I can't wait the day I finally decide to make these lovelies. Because they do seem like a lot of work! I mean, for cookies... And yeah, I really don't wanna weigh twice as much. Haha. 

Wish I had this for dinner

Do you see a pattern here? Oatmeal, rice pudding and now soup? :) Oh well, I found this delicious-looking soup on Pinterest and I am craving it so badly right now! Only if we had broccoli at home... 

Kitchen Tool I wish to have

Look at this beauty! I SO wish I had one...Just thinking of it makes me super excited! This food processor is no match to my current one. I can't even imagine how quick this would make homemade peanut butter! Or hummus! Some day...

Favorite food show

I love love love his show! He's such a fun and entertaining person! AND he cooks! I think he has everything that makes a great food show! Oh and have you seen his tattoos? :) Just my type... Hahhaaa

Okay, onto a different topic. Books.

My current book series

The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

I am so into book series. I am also into utopian fiction. After The Hunger Games, this is the best book I've ever read in this genre. Actually, I like Divergent better than the Hunger Games and it is a big thing! Since I was like the biggest fan. Currently two books are out from the trilogy and if you liked The Hunger Games, I will guarantee, you will absolutely love this! Oh and since I love thick books, I loved how long these books are!

My current favorite "classic"

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

This book makes you read in between the lines. And I love such kinds of books. This was my first book from John Steinbeck and I enjoyed every single page of it. It is written in a beautiful manner... I love how everything he talks about the book still applies to today. Which makes perfect sense, since humankind is not big on improving its nature. We may change the style but our actions reveal that we really haven't changed that much from where we were years and years ago. So if you like such books, and haven't read this one yet, I highly recommend it!

Book I'm currently reading

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushness

Last year I got all the seasons of Sex and the City. I never watched the show before that! Can you believe it? So I dived myself into the life of Carrie Bradsaw and became one true fan! I fell in love with this show so much that there was no day that I didn't watch at least one episode! Obsessed much? My partner in crime was my then-roommate, who actually got me the series, so when her birthday came up there was no question about what I'd give for her. The Carrie Diaries book! This book shows Carrie's life before she even got to New York. It is such a fun book to read! To get a glimpse of how Carrie became the Carrie that belongs to New York like no one else! So if you love the show as much as I do, this is a must-read!

And now... Beauty products!

My current favorite eye shadow

I don't have many MAC products but the ones I have are totally amazing. This was my very first eye shadow I got from MAC and I am totally obsessed with it. I use this almost every day as a crease color. I have a greenish-bluish sometimes grey-ish eye color that is changing every day. I can't use many colors on my lids, unfortunately. Purples and browns are the only colors that look good on me so if I find a good color, I'll stick to it. And I haven't found a better color than this so...

My favorite makeup palette

Naked Palette by Urban Decay
I don't buy expensive makeup really. But this palette is so worth its price! It has all the basic colors one would need for everyday! Or even for special occasions! As I mentioned, for me only browns and purples work so this palette gives just that. Not purples, though. I use the color Toasted every single day as my base color. I also love Sidecar, Darkhorse and Hustle. These are my most used ones, although I love the other colors, as well. I just don't use them as much.

My favorite hydrating lip balm


This is probably my all-time favorite lip product! This is the stuff that will never let your lips go dry or chap. NEVER. It is so so so good! What's even better than the product itself? The price! It is ridiculously cheap! Now writing about it makes me wanna put some on :) This flu makes my skin and lips so dry...

My favorite tinted lip balm

Lip Smacker in Berry Peach

This is another all-time favorite product. I hardly ever use lipstick, although I am getting into it more and more, but I love tinted lip balms! These not only taste sooo delicious but they make my lips pinkish-reddish and super kissable :) At least, that's what I noticed when my boyfriend's around and I put it on :P But really, its color goes so well with my skin tone which very is fair and pinkish so every time I'm in the US I load up on these cuties.

My favorite eyeliner

I use eyeliner every day. This is kind of "my look". I just love how it makes my eyes so big and prominent. I hate to leave this step out from my makeup routine. I feel kind of naked or how should I explain. I used to use eye kohl but lately not at all. So if you need a good liquid eyeliner, this is a pretty good one! Not sure if it's the best but I haven't found a better one yet.

My favorite fragrance

Bodycology in Coconut Lime Twist

About 2 years ago something weird happened to me. Suddenly I could not stand any perfumes. None. I would get nauseated every time I smelled some perfume. Weird, huh? I know... I used to love perfumes... Not anymore. But being without any scent just did not do it for me. That is when I discovered this fragrance mist! This is still my favorite smell of all time. Coconut with a hint of lime. So delicious! The best thing is, you cannot go overboard with it. It's never too much! How cool is that?

My favorite shampoo and conditioner

I have real long hair. I also have a lot of hair. Like really a lot. Managing it is a bit tough since the ends tend to go really dry and if I'm not careful they split, as well. This is why I need to take extra care of my locks. So good shampoo and conditioner are necessary. On my trip in London, I have found the best shampoo for my hair! This is the Aussie miracle moist shampoo. Oh my, not only does it smell wonderful, it makes my mane soft and shiny. Too bad, I can't purchase it in Hungary. And it's almost gone... :( 

Okay, I think that's it for my favorites. At least, for now :) If you've made it through then I hope you enjoyed it, if not, then that's okay, too. I'll post a recipe soon enough! :)


  1. i'm about to start divergent! i had it on request at the library and it just came excited! :)

    1. oooh that really is exciting!!! get back at me when you finished reading it and share your thoughts!! :)

  2. I used to love Aussie when I lived in the UK, then made the big mistake of thinking the products would be just as good over here. Silly, silly me! They have different ingredients across the pond. I started to notice something different after a few uses, but thought it would be the change in water. Long story short, Aussie USA and my neglect to check the list of ingredients from the very first have ruined my mane, which was hip length until yesterday, when I finally caved in, teary-eyed, and cut it to midback length.

    Thanks for the heads up on The Carrie Diaries, can't believe I hadn't heard about it. I MUST get it!

    1. Really??? I would have thought they're the same, as well!! I was thinking about buying the American one from amazon or ebay but now that you told me it's no good, I won't for sure!!
      Oh my, hip-length? That must have been sooo hard!! Mine is nowhere near to a hip-length but I get very nervous about cutting just one cm from it :D But midback length is not sooo short...Do you like it??
      Oh and yeah, The Carrie Diaries are sooo good! It's like so funny to read the girls' conversations in the book since they talk exactly like they are in the series! :)


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