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Grocery Store Haul! (Special Items)

I know, this post might seem silly and even weird... I've been super into youtube videos lately and one of my favorite ones include hauls. Beauty hauls but then I thought, why can't I make my own grocery store style of haul? 
So when I bought my share of "special items" yesterday on our spontaneous mini trip to Austria I thought I'd let you know what exciting things I got! Of course, I will not go into details of buying the regular items such as bread and veggies. Oh, and not everything is from Austria, some of the chocolates are from Switzerland ( the BEST chocolate provider) and some of the stuffs were bought in Hungary.

Lindt baking chocolate. 150 gram. Cacao: 51% min.
Now, this is probably my favorite chocolate ever. Not only perfect for baking, but its taste is sooo delicious raw, as well. When I get a serious chocolate craving, and I have some of this on my hand, I like to munch on a square. Highly recommend it!

Lindt Wafer chocolate bar. It is filled with hazelnut cream. All I can say is YUM. I save it for a special occasion. I bought this in Austria for less than a euro.

When I saw this, I thought it was so cool! White chocolate decor cream! How amazing is this? It came with a small pipe so all I have to do is put the bottle in warm/hot water and then use it! It'll make beautiful decoration on cakes! It was 2,50 euros. 

This thing is huge!! 2,5 kg of pure chocolate disks! My mom got this amazing sack in Switzerland. They are dark chocolate disks in there and can be used for baking, mostly. So it's not for snacking :P Well, I guess it could be for snacking, as well :) I'm not sure of the price but I know it was a lot cheaper than if we bought 25 bars of chocolate. 

This picture speaks for itself. Marshmallows!! I have never ever bought marshmallows in my life... So I am crazy excited to create something that involves S'mores :))

My favorite peanut butter ever! Would you have thought that I can't buy this in Hungary? There are like 2 or 3 types of pretty nasty peanut butters here but they're expensive and as I mentioned, gross. I am so happy I found this mini bottle of yumminess! It cost 3 euros.

President Butter with sea salt. This stuff is so good!! Every time I go to Germany or Austria, I buy one. Unfortunately there is none in Hungary. If you can get access to it and haven't tried it yet, then do it!! This butter makes me addicted to toasts with butter...

Apple-Strawberry puree. Such a great snack! Healthy, tastes sooo good and only 63 calories.

As I might have mentioned in one of my previous posts, I can't drink milk. This is what I found the perfect substitute to it! Rice Milk! I've tried soy milk, oat milk, almond milk and I like the taste of rice milk the most! Besides, it's a lot cheaper than oat and almond milk...

Okay, that's it for my grocery store haul. Let me know if you liked it and if I should more in the future. I thought it's a pretty good idea, this way I can recommend certain products so others can enjoy them, too! Have a great Wednesday!


  1. Oh my gosh, the decorating chocolate looks divine!! i've never seen it in the States, and that's a tragedy! I adore Lindt. What a great haul. ~Megan

  2. Thank you Megan! Oooh, Lindt is my favorite :) I've never seen this decorating chocolate either, that's why I didn't need to think twice before buying it... I'm sure a recipe is coming soon involving that decoration ;)

  3. All these products make me SO jealous, I wish I was in Europe! Paying +$4 for BAD cookies and +$5 for mediocre butter really makes me mad - I used to pay less than half for much better quality items in England, Germany or Spain. Just the thought of good butter on toast makes my mouth water!
    Lindt is hands down my favorite chocolate, too.

    I really liked this post. Keep them coming! Do you have some post featuring your favorite Hungarian ingredients?

    PS: First time in the comments, but been lurking your blog for a while.

  4. Anabel! Your comment made me just so happy! I am glad you liked this post, I wasn't so sure about it :) You know what? I wish I was in the US for all the reasons you wish to be in Europe! That's funny :) But I completely agree that there are some real good quality here, mainly in the chocolate section...Hmmm ;)
    I have some Hungarian recipes but this was the first post about ingredients, but I'd like to make one about typical AND good Hungarian stuffs!

  5. Looking forward to those posts! It's always interesting for me to read about the products that people use in their cooking and marvel at how they coincide or differ from those that are a staple in my kitchen, esp if we're in different countries :) Great way to pick up ideas and look for new items at the grocery store, too!

  6. This was so fun to read! It really makes me miss going to the grocery store in Europe and all of the neat finds. I've never seen the white chocolate decorator frosting before, how convienent. Also the President brand butter looks so good, over here I buy the President brand brie all the time, yum!

  7. Thank you Andrea! :) I feel the same when I get to go to an American grocery store, I have a slight obsession with Walmart and Target...President is such a great brand! I love basically everything from them but this butter is outstanding even among those products!


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