Raspberry Tiramisu


I am not exaggarating if I say that anyone can make this dessert. Seriously, anyone. I made it in a state when I was so exhausted and having a throbbing head that I just had to sit down while I was preparing the mascarpone cream. So if I could do it, everyone can.
Besides it sounds kinda fancy, too. Not the same old tiramisu (which is delicious) but it has a twist with the raspberries. Let alone, in this hot who wants something overly sweet that will leave us sick to our stomach. This is the ideal summer treat! Fruity and creamy... How could it get any better? That's right, it can't!! :)

Raspberry Tiramisu
for 4 people

250 gramm Mascarpone Cheese
3-4 tablespoons Cane Sugar
3 Eggs
2 small containers of Raspberry
100 gramm Ladyfingers
4 tablespoons Raspberry syrup

Divide the eggs into yolks and egg whites. Beat the yolks with the sugar for 5-6 minutes. Add the mascarpone cheese and mix it until creamy. Add a few tablespoons of hot water to the raspberry syrup and dip the ladyfingers in it. Lay the dipped ladyfingers in a glass or a dish (whichever you feel like using), pour the cream over, add raspberries and add another layer of dipped ladyfingers, cream and raspberries. Chill it for a few hours before serving.


  1. I really really love tiramisu. This should be renamed as a devils food. It's evil enough to hear things like "eat it!!! eat it!!!" sorry going through a rough time not to eat the screen of my laptop. Wonderful recipe! I'll be checking out for more.

  2. hahahaha! yes, I completely agree! but it's so light and what is light can't be that bad, right? ;)

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