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Raspberry-Chocolate Roll Cake

As a newbie to blogging, I was mesmerized, okay I still am, as how the numbers of viewers went up so quickly! It will be 2 months that I started talking about food, sharing recipes, pictures of my attempts...So when I saw my number was at 5000 I was completely, utterly blown away. So that was when I decided that whenever I reach 10 000 then I will make a giveaway! Because for someone who just started blogging seeing that I am not the only one who reads my site is an enormously huge deal. It makes me happy and gives me such a positive feedback that yes! i should keep doing it because it is not only me who I'm doing it for anymore :)
So here I am, in my proud moment, announcing that I will be holding a giveaway soon! Why not now? Because I am going to Nepal in 3 days and I would like to give something very special away and I thought what more special could it be than something from Nepal? Right? :) But I am just so excited about it that I wanted to share that a giveaway is coming soon... :)
And a recipe for now. It is such a lovely summery dessert. It is very decorative, indeed. And for the taste? Need I say more than it is with chocolate? And raspberries? I think these two components speak for themselves...The cake itself reminded me of a spongecake, maybe because it is. Well, I am not very familiar with spongecakes so I am not 100% sure. Next time I will use more cocoa for sure because my cake had just a slight brown color which was not exactly what I went for..But it tasted pretty delicious so if you are not a big fan of intense chocolate flavor then stick to the original recipe. The frosting was absolutely perfect. First, when I was looking through the recipe it seemed strange to me it required so much butter and sugar and so little cream but it turned out to be the good measurements. Enjoy :)

Raspberry-Chocolate Roll Cake

for the Cake

6 eggs
6 tablespoons sugar
6 tablespoons flour
half package baking powder (8 grams)
2 tablespoons dutch cocoa powder - use more if you like it darker

for the frosting

1,25 dl double cream
250 grams sugar
100 grams dutch cocoa powder
300 grams butter
300 grams raspberry

Divide the eggs into whites and yolks. Beat the whites with 3 tablespoons of sugar, as well as the yolks with the other 3 tablespoons of sugar then fold it into the beaten whites. Add the cocoa powder, the flour with the baking powder and put the mixture into a pan and bake it for 10-15 minutes on 180C. Don't over bake it, otherwise you won't be able to roll it. 
For the frosting, bring the double cream to a boil. Mix the sugar and the cocoa powder dry then add the sugar mixture to the cream gradually. Take it off the heat and add the butter in small pieces. Stir it until all the butter is melted. Put it in the fridge for a few hours. When it is cold enough mix it together again. 
Spread the frosting on the cake (not the whole, leave some for the coating) and add most of the raspberries. Roll the cake up carefully, if it is needed, put it in a foil. This way it will hold its shape. Spread the rest of the frosting on it, use a fork for lines. Add some almonds or chopped nuts for decoration and place the remaining raspberries on top. 


  1. It looks really pretty and tasty!

  2. I am really new to this big ol' world of food blogging and could totally relate to your lovely post, every time i receive a new comment it just makes me feel so...smiley! and im so grateful that someone took the time yaknow, anyway im rambling! Really what i wanted to say is that i am in no way surprised that your ratings are so great because this is truly the most wonderful looking cake ive seen long. And i mean that! It is striking and im sure tastes even better :) Will be a regular visitor from now on! Have a lovely time in Nepal :)

  3. Aww thank you!! You are truly flattering, I am just checking your page now! :)But isn't that right how wonderful it feels to get feedback? Or is it just the excitement of someone new to this blog world? :D

  4. Congrats! I know how exciting that is :D I haven't been blogging very long either, just a few more months. It's so exciting isn't it? And so much fun :D
    I think your cake looks amazing! And chocolate and raspberries are so good together :D

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This looks so good. I think I'm going to make it for Thanksgiving this year. I was wondering though, what kind of pan do you use to bake the cake?

    1. Oh thank you! Let me know how it turned out!! :) I used a regular baking sheet as I recall because you need a rectangular shaped cake so you can roll it up.


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