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Ultimate strawberry cake

I do not like whipped cream. I do not like any dessert that involves whipped cream. But surprise surprise everyone else around me just loves it...even my doggie will do anything just to get a lick :) He actually had a lick from the cake itself. Tricky little baby :D So I put the cake on the table in the terrace, left it just for ONE second to grab the camera and when I get back what do I see? My dog having his 2 paws on the table and enjoying himself...He didn't even pretend to feel bad about it after I scolded him :D And to tell the truth...he was so funny I just couldn't be mad at him. But for the record, it was only a lick and I removed that part so it was all okay.
About the cake...My mom and I threw a fit over who should make the dessert today. She wanted to make this particular recipe but didn't feel like making it anymore. I wanted to bake but not this recipe...So in the end, my family won. And I won, too. It is soooo soooo heavenly delicious!! It is a recipe from Nigella and yeah, I had some trouble with it...The dough just wouldn't bake! So the under part turned out to be a kind of blondie like texture which just enhanced the overall flavor! I used regular white sugar, as well as regular cake flour so it is not a healthy cake..But who cares on a Sunday?? Right?? :) I'll make it up tomorrow when I'll put in Bob Harper's extreme cardio dvd :D
Oh and another note: I used Hulala cream instead of double cream. Hulala is a non-deary cream and tasted amazing. AMAZING, so much better than regular cream.

Not my prettiest creation but the taste is what counts the most!! :P

Ultimate Strawberry Cake


•100 grams butter
•150 ml sugar
•4 egg yolks
•125 grams cake flour
•25 grams corn flour
•1½ teaspoon baking powder
•2 tablespoon of milk


•4 egg whites
•150 grams sugar


•1/2 kg strawberries
•2½ dl double cream

1.Combine sugar and butter until white and smooth. Add one yolk at a time, while whisking. Combine flour and baking powder in a bowl, add this into the egg-butter mixture and then add the milk.

2.Now turn the oven to 150C. In a seperate bowl whisk the eggwhites until hard peaks, add the sugar, whisk a moment more until glossy.

3.Take a deep baking tray ( 30x40 cm), line with baking paper. Spread the sponge mixture onto the tray. Spread the meringue on top. Bake the cake for 20 minutes.

4.Let the cake cool and when cool, remove the paper.

5.Whisk the cream fluffy. Slice the strawberries.

6.Right before serving, cut the cake in half, on one half spread the whipped cream and place the strawberries on top and sandwich the cake together. Serve.


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