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Day 7!

Wow. I can hardly believe I made it here! When the 2nd day was already sooo hard :D
Actually, as time passes, its getting easier and easier. I did not cheat once. I didnt even have any temptation to cheat. Although vegetable juice is definitely not for me. It is disgusting.
And I am sooo sick of juices and smoothies, its crazy... Id rather eat the fruit itself than having it mixed up with another fruit. Nope, not anymore, I am officially done with the juice fasting! Yay! Today was my 2nd day after coming off the fast. So I ate the vegetables in the soup! And ate a fruit salad! Eating solid food is just sooo goood!
But as of now, I have not lost a poud of weight. None. Although I feel like I have but in reality, nope...It was kinda really disappointing for me. Okay, I got really mad that I havent been eating and I still dont lose any weight blahblahblah.....
My skin is a lot clearer, though. Dont have cravings anymore. I get full after eating only a little...I have more energy and I dont need coffee for that. I wake up early every morning which is a big deal for me since Im a morning nightmare...So grumpy, so do-not-talk-to-me, so tired mornings are gone! I wake up and I have a good mood, I have motivation to work out, to do things...
Hmmm...I think thats all the benefits Ive noticed so far...
I am sooo happy Im done with it. So much! And I swore to myself never ever again have such a fantastic idea of doing a juice fasting :D Its not easy...
So this week, I am allowed to eat 3 times a day! A breakfast like a greek yogurt with nuts, or outmeal, or fruits...Then a lunch of a salad and a soup and a dinner of a salad again...But I can put goat cheese and feta into my salad! So yessss...I cant wait to have alll kinds of yummy salads. Im kinda sick of soups, too but theyre inevitable. They are very good for us. And very easy to digest.
Ill try to workout everyday now. I wanna get into shape in 2 weeks for my trip! :) And thats why I couldnt afford to buy that gym membership so Im doing the work at home...
I want to do only cardio workout since Ive got enough muscles, I only want to slim down and not shape up. So Im using my mini trampoline and some cardio dvds. Id go for jogs but its not warm. DUH, it is february! :D
So, so far I am doing good :) I am starting to be proud of myself :)


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