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Day 3...

Today is my 3rd day of cleansing and 1st of the juice fasting.
Good news is that I feel more energized than yesterday! I was sooo tired yesterday that I went to bed at like 8.30pm which is way too early for me and for my insomnia which has disappeared! And writing that down made me acknowledge that, too. Huh.
So I woke up at 7am today! I didn't need to wake up until 9 and I woke up and I felt good! I had energy and motivation to get up! Okay, I was trying to fall asleep again because the later I get up the later I need to eat so I won't be left super starving by the end of the day. I know, it's kinda really weird to think like that in the morning but oh well :D
And I know exactly why everyone is recommending a few days eating raw before the fasting. It makes it easier, not only for my mind but my body is slowly getting used to not having sooo much food in me.
Although I do crave things constantly but it's only my mind tricking me. I even dreamed about eating chocolate last night! Can you say food obsessed?? :D
But I am not so much hungry, I did get hungry but after drinking a fruit juice or soup it's gone. Yes, I eat soup. But it's like a vegetable juice, only I cooked it. It has broccoli and potato. And water. Thats all. It fills me up, at least.
I drink loooots of water and looots of herbal teas. Therefore I have to pee constantly. Like a pregnant woman. I don't think I've lost any weight yet. Maybe I have but that's just water going out. My face is less puffy, though. When I started doing it my face was soo puffy...I'm not even sre why...
I reckon I will even work out today! Yes!! :) But nothing too tiring, I'm afraid if I work too hard then I'll be extra super duper hungry, as I usually get after working out, and that is not such a good idea when I all I can eat are liquid vegetables and fruits.
Okay, I go now and distract myself from foods with a book :)


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