The Start


I am pretty sure I have made a blog exactly one year ago. But never started it. Until now.

It is a fresh start.

So... I am going to post my recipes, recipes I find extremely lovely, recipes I see some potentials in them but need some alterations and my stories behind every piece of recipe. Because one recipe is not only about directions how to make food. One recipe can bring joy, lots of fun, misery, sometimes even tears but most of all, it brings love. The love for food, the love for creating something new and different and the love that the people give us in order to show their gratitude. Because frankly, it is among the best things when we see the appreciation and the shine in their eyes when they dig in and taste the first bites...and then comes the familiar mmmmmmms... =)

Although for me not only the taste is important. Wherever I can use healthier ingredients, I do. Even if I'm making heavenly good brownies, like I did today. Not that it is less fattening..but it is certainly healthier when I use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose. Or...I use 60-70% chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It will make it more intense and rich-flavoured. Everyone who has had some of it...well they just say it is the road to heaven =)

I will share the recipe =) bad thing I didn't take any pictures of it and there is not much left anymore...

Today I also made croque monsieur. It is basically a grilled cheese sandwich but not so usual. I saw this one in the movie It's complicated with Meryl Streep. Well, hers in the movie was waaay tastier looking than mine, but its was my very first try and my family liked it, all the same. I am going to play with the original recipe until I get what I love and then I will post it on here, too!

For now, I think I finish this entry...


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