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Strawberry-Banana Protein Shake

I am pretty sure I'm not the only one who is trying to slim down for the summer in the LAST MINUTE. Because nothing is more motivating me than the last minute. Even though, I know perfectly well in March and April that I should start getting ready for the bikini season, I just always think ehh I still have time. 
And then May is here, as well as the pounds on my hips. So what do I do? I jump right into the super duper healthy lifestyle I should be having all year long. Okay, I more or less lead a healthy life but I also let myself indulge in all kinds of sugary, buttery goodnesses from time to time. And lately, they became pretty frequent guests in my diet. Therefore, no matter how hard I worked out, the pounds never melted away.
But now!!! :) I work out 5 days a week and eat no sugar, no dairy, no flour... All the good stuffs are now... GONE. :) Actually, I'm trying out the Paleo but I don't think I can stick to it, like I love my oatmeal and it's crazy healthy too! So why eliminate it from my diet? 

But about this protein shake. I've started drinking protein shakes a couple months ago and I got hooked. I just love, LOVE how it helps me recover from an intense workout. I use whey protein powder and only after a workout. You should have it within 20 minutes after you finish with your training. I used to exhaust myself sooo much that after I was done with my workout, I got crazy hungry that would never go away! So I started eating sooo much that led to me gaining weight instead of losing it. That was the moment when I found out about whey and gave it a try. I'm lactose intolerant and I have no problem digesting it! In fact, I just feel great after I drink it! Oh and the best part, it makes me full. Mainly, if I add some delicious fresh fruits to it, making it super healthy! :) It tastes like a milk shake without all the guilt! 

Strawberry-Banana Protein Shake
1 or 2 servings

1 cup rice milk - or any kind you like
1 cup cold water
1 scoop vanilla protein powder - I use Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, love it!
6 smaller-medium strawberries - cut into pieces
1/2 small banana

Add all ingredients to the blender ( make sure to add the protein powder last because it tends to stick to the bottom) and blend until smooth. Enjoy :)


  1. Extra pounds? Puleeease! You look like a supermodel in that profile pic! :) Anyway, good luck with your last minute dieting. I should be following in your footsteps.

    1. Awww!! :) Now that made me smile so big but I beg to differ :)) Thank you, though!! Actually, it's a lot of fun to stop eating all the junk and then see the difference! But I couldn't keep up with the paleo, I ate bread. Not much and whole-wheat but still, paleo doesn't approve bread. So who cares? :D Let me know if you decide to follow some crazy diet! :)

    2. I've done PSMF in the past, although I'm a firm believer in sticking to general low carb-low fat daily diet rather than going for the extremes. The problem is, I'm weak, I cave too much, so there goes my healthy week down the drain. I tend to indulge on the weekends with wine, cheese and chips, my absolute guilty pleasures I have been trying to reduce (not entirely give up) for a long, long time. I have the popular paleo diet book, too, but I have my qualms about it. PSMF does make sense for what it is, with its limitations, of course; admittedly not a long-term thing and you have to know what you're doing, intake-wise, but it does make sense from the point of view of burning my fat while preserving my lean mass intact. I wanted to go PSMFing before the summer, but mornings are extra hard for me without my multigrain toast, and I turn into a complete bitch after a couple of days with NO carbs, which PSMF is extremely strict about - that's what the point is, actually: it does not just forbid your typical potatoes/rice/pasta/bread or even beans and other grains, but also fruit of any kind, no tomatoes, no garden veg of any kind, just pure lean protein, green leafy stuff and fish oil capsules. So now I'm debating between going hardcore, get all this junk off my system and be done with it or trying to do it the healthy way. I advocate for the second, but you know how it is... we know what the right thing is, we know what we should do, but somehow we manage to slip off the right track until there's only one way: the extreme one.

    3. Sorry for responding so late, I've been caught up with studying... Oh that PSMF sounds hard!! I agree that you should rather do it the healthy way :) You know, when you go real hard core and deny yourself the things you love then you just won't stick to it for the long haul which would be kinda the point to lose and then keep the weight off, right? :) Actually, to my biggest surprise I've really started losing weight and the scale shows it, too! I haven't lost pounds for soooo long, I'm pretty thrilled! But it makes me scared, as well. To gain it back, you know? I mean, I'm committed that I don't wanna gain and I'll keep on running and swear off of sugar for the most part of the week. But still, it takes a huge willpower not to give in to my cravings... You know how many times I almost started making cookies this week? :D So yeah, it will be a struggle to find the happy middle after I lost the weight I wanted to (9 pounds). But I just love it! :) So are you gonna do the PSMF?

  2. Whey protein in natural shake will also give you great nutrition to make your body healthy and fit.And it is really very useful.

  3. I am a hard person to please when it comes to food and trying something new. This is my first time making anything as such and I have to hand it to you, YOU BLEW ME AWAY. Very Delicious and so simple. I love it! I just stated back dieting too and wanted to try something different for my breakfast. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Awww thank you!! :) I'm sooo glad you liked it! I had a hard time getting used to the flavor of protein powder so I experimented with different measurements and additions :)

  4. Perfect! This was absolutley delicious! Great start to a busy day of work, school, and family! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Can we add strawerry syrups also ?

  6. Its very much healthy for maintaining a fit body

  7. Extra pounds? Puleeease! You look like a supermodel in that profile pic! :) Anyway, good luck with your last minute dieting. I should be following in your footsteps.

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