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Hungarian Kakaós Csiga (Chocolate Rolls)

Frankly, I missed baking so much! Even though I needed one baking-free month to lose all the weight I gained due to the excessive baking mania I got over this summer I just cannot stop it! So I decided that I don't have to give up this love of mine but I do have to figure out something that will not leave me end up gaining weight again. What to do, what to do...Bake only in the weekends! And probably I should get a grip and not stuff my face until I can't move...Which didn't really happen today. I ate like 6 of these lovely chocolate rolls...I guess, no dinner for Csilla tonight :P
These rolls are from a traditional Hungarian pastry recipe. I called my Grandma to ask for the recipe and as it always happens with Grandma recipes she did not know the measurements...I don't know if it's only with my grandmas but they always work with their eyes so they usually have no idea how much grams I need from this or that... So I turned to an ancient Hungarian cookbook and that is where I got the recipe from. For those who know how the real Kakaós csiga should taste like then here you go, this is the recipe. These csigák reminded me of my childhood when I got to eat the real soft, very chocolatey rolls...Hmm....
Actually, these pastries are almost the same like cinnamon rolls. I adore cinnamon so for me cinnamon rolls are the best BUT if you are a chocolate fan, you most certainly will love these small cuties! Oh, and I tried to make them healthier, so they are made with whole wheat spelt flour and raw cane sugar. That doesn't mean that this recipe can considered as guilt-free. Nah-ah. But they are yummy and chocolatey and if you want it a little more softer then use all-purpose flour. Enjoy :)

Kakaós csiga (Chocolate rolls)

for the dough
600 grams flour
1 package of dry yeast or 30 grams fresh yeast
2 dl milk for the yeast 
milk - as much as your flour needs in order to get a mildly firm dough
2 egg yolks 
2 tablespoons oil
pinch of salt
1 tablespoon sugar

for the filling
100 grams butter
5-6 tablespoons Dutch cocoa powder (unsweetened)
11-12 tablespoons sugar

2 dl sweetened milk

First, I have to state that my vague measurements are not a joke, they are from my cookbook that is like a 100 years old so I apologize for that. I was pretty unsure myself about the milk part...How much exactly I would need for the dough but it really is true that there are so many types of flours that work differently. Each of them need different amount of wet ingredients to come together, so I trust in your eyes and hands when you knead. :)

Heat 2 dl milk with a little sugar to lukewarm and dissolve the package of yeast in it with your hands (yeast does not like metal). While the yeast is working place the flour in a big bowl, add the egg yolks, the salt, the sugar. Make a hole in the middle and add gradually the yeast in the milk. Start kneading and add more lukewarm milk when needed ( I added around 2 more dl into my whole wheat flour mixture so to all-purpose I believe, it will be less). Add the oil and knead it in. The dough should be mildly firm (not too firm, not too wet). Sprinkle flour on it and under it, cover the bowl and leave it for an hour when it should grow to double its size. 

The risen state of the dough

When the dough is ready, divide it into two, otherwise you'll have extra huge rolls. 

Mill the dough into a rectangular, I like it thin but it's up to you. When it is a rectangular, butter the dough and mix the cocoa powder with the sugar and add generously of it. The cocoa-sugar mix should cover the whole rectangular. The more you add the more chocolatey it will be - obviously.

This was my 1st roll and the cocoa-sugar mixture was not enough so put more than this, then you'll be fine :) 
Roll up the dough, just like a cinnamon roll and cut them into small rolls. Place them in a baking dish and grease the tops with melted butter. 

Put them in the still cold oven (they are still rising while the oven is getting warm) and bake them for about 20-25 minutes on 170C. BUT 10 minutes before they are ready sprinkle them with the sweetened milk. This will make them even softer.

It is better if we take them out before they are fully ready, I learned. 
When the first roll is ready, do the same with the second one. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top if desired.


  1. These look amazinnnggg! I do not judge your scoffing of 6 in one day at all, I would not be able to resist eating the entire batch fresh either i fear :) Im definitely saving this one!

  2. Oh thank you!!! :) They are sooo hard to resist when you get to smell the cocoa and sugar getting caramelized in the the pastry smell...Try it! It's not as hard as it seems like :P

  3. Autumn, by sweetened milk I meant milk with a little sugar, like 1 teaspoon of sugar.

  4. I made these yesterday and turned up beautifully light, flaky and chocolatey. Another keeper!

  5. Yay!! I am so so happy the recipe worked for you!! :) Which kind of rolls do you like more, the chocolate or the cinnamon ones?

  6. Oh, I'm definitely a chocolate girl... but I confess I cheated on these rolls and added a pinch of cinnamon to the dough, so that I could enjoy the best of both worlds! :^) Forgive me!

  7. Hahahaha! That is a pretty good idea! :) I love mixing flavors so next time I'll try it your way too :)

  8. so i dont have cocoa powder and i thought i did i already started making them how do u make the filling for fahejas csiga..? Do u know?

  9. Oh I'm sorry for replying so late! I have a cinnamon roll recipe, you can use its filling instead of the cocoa! I'll link it in case you might wanna make it again and have the same problem! :D

  10. Szia Csilla,

    A mult heten eszembe jutott, hogy mennyire ennek kakaos csigat. Nagyon tavol lakom otthontol es mar masfel eve nem ettem eme fantasztikus peksutit. Ekkor bukkantam a csodas weboldaladra. Meg aznap megsutottem es konnyek kozepette ettem olyan mesesen visszaadta az otthoni izeket. Holnap megint sutok kakaos csigat kalaccsal egyetemben. Nagyon szepen koszonom a csodalatos receptet. Hatalmas oromet okoztal vele!

    1. Nagyon nagyon örülök, hogy ilyen jól sikerült!! Én is meglepődtem, mennyire adja ez a recept azt az ízt, amilyen régen volt a kakaós csiga! Köszi szépen, hogy írtál! Máskor is oszd meg a sikerélményeket! :) Legyen szép napod!

  11. Csilla,
    fantasztikusan jol sikerultek a csigak, koszonjuk a receptet!

    1. nagyon örülök, hogy jól sikerült!! :))

  12. To be honest, the dough you made looks really dry and overworked. I'm sure they tasted okay because of the filling - especially if served as an accompaniment to a drink like coffee or tea. But, I can tell by both the unbaked and baked dough photos that this dough is seriously dry and overworked. When making yeasted doughs, it's generally more ideal if the dough is smoother and more supple to result in a finer crumb and lighter, fluffier finished product.

  13. I'm sorry the pictures misled you into thinking the dough was dry. I can guarantee you the recipe works and results in delicious chocolate rolls just as I described it above. I used whole wheat flour, maybe that's why you thought the dough might be dry and "overworked", I am quite familiar working with yeasted dough so I know what I'm talking about :) And I would never post a recipe that doesn't deliver. Please, try it yourself and you'll see :)

  14. When do you start counting during baking? Is it right after you put it in the oven or when it reaches 170 degreess Celsius

  15. Használsz porcukor vagy cukor? Nagyon akarok megpróbálni, de saljnos a egyesült államok-be élek, és nem találok jó fordítás a tejnek, decileter-tol pohár-hoz. :S Utálom a matematika, inkább haza megyek és jól eszek

    1. I used confectionary sugar! And 2 dl milk is around 3/4 cup :) I hope it helps!

  16. How many rolls does this recipe yield?

  17. Every morning, I come up here and read new as a habit. I like enjoying a cup of coffee and read your nice posts. You make my day!

  18. am I the only one wondering what the measurements are in our crazy american system? i mean I know I can use google and all that but just wondering if you have the american measurement version...btw I love these, they are my childhood favorite and I stuffed myself silly last spring when I went to Budapest.


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