Spaghetti al Limone


I'm pretty sure I am not alone with this phenomenon that there are days when I am exceptionally hungry. Not craving kinda hungry but real stomach growling hungry. And no matter that I eat what usually fills me up, I need extra nutritious food. So when I have those days, like I do now, then I like to feed myself with organic a little more calorie-rich foods. That what feels right. I do not want empty calorie intakes, not that I normally do but I can't help what I'm craving for...
So when I decided to have an oatmeal week on Monday, I didn't even have the slightest clue that I would get this super-hunger by Thursday so bye bye oatmeal. I love oatmeal but I always wonder why do people say that oatmeal is soooo satisfying. I mean, it's good for like 2 hours and then I always feel like eating something more. But how do others do that they eat oatmeal at 8am and be totally fine until lunch?
But back to my point, I needed to eat fried eggs with a toast and then I ate some cottage cheese as well. Side note: on other (most) days I'm full after the eggs without the toast let alone the cottage cheese.
With this much of a breakfast I was doing wonderful until 4pm which is when I had my lunch. Or dinner. Both. I really do not want to eat anything more other than some fruits or yogurt.
So what did I have for lunch?? Something crazy delicious!!! Spaghetti al Limone....Its name is so lovely already. And the food? Ahhhhhh....I haven't eaten such a good pasta dish for a very long time! Although it is packed with calories, as well. Fine by me today! :)

I saw this recipe on TV the other day and I've been wanting to try it out eversince. I saw another lemony pasta recipe in a magazine as well...So I thought this is a sign!! And it must have been because it has become my favorite numero uno pasta recipe from now on. It is so so creamy and tastes just so fresh and adding a little more garlic or chili it will be a little spicy, too. I think this is the most perfect combination, let alone how easy and fast it is to make! I don't know what's up with my love for pastas these days but I am pretty much addicted. As long as it is made with durum or whole wheat pasta. I just don't like to cook with regular wheat pasta... Okay I'll just give the recipe. I actually made this recipe up with the inspiration of other recipes.

Spaghetti al Limone
for 6 persons

1 package Spaghetti
1,5 lemons
0,5 liter double cream
4 cloves garlic
salt, pepper
1 package Parmesan cheese

Bring water to a boil and add the spaghetti. Cook until al dente or a little more if you like it softer. While the pasta is cooking, heat olive oil and add the chopped garlics with the lemon zest. Fry it for a minute and add cream, salt and pepper. Bring it to a boil then add lemon juice. Add around a little less than a cup of pasta water. Continue cooking, when the spaghetti is ready add it to the lemony cream. Drizzle the parmesan on it, stir it and add basil. You can add some chili flakes if you want it spicy. Serve warm with a salad.


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