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Double Chocolate Cake

Someone just arose from the dead of shame (of not blogging for who knows how long)! The reason for that dreadful act is unmentionable since who wants to hear excuses. Right? But the most important thing is that I brought a delightfully sinful double chocolate cake that can be made without any fancy kitchen tools. I'd know that because I have no proper kitchen tools anymore.  And guess what! This Hungarian girl is living in Indonesia for quite a while. Now you can guess one of the excuses I'd be listing up for my disappearance act. What I have here is a miniature kitchen with basic kitchen utensils and an adorably petit oven that doesn't heat up more than 190C. But hey, use what you have and that's what I'm doing! Nothing is impossible, I proudly declare!
Why is this chocolate cake different than your go-to choc cake? Well, because it has a flavorful, far from dry, gooey-ish cake base with a wonderful super chocolatey frosting that even I couldn't mess up! And I am a…