I am happily announcing that I have completed one week from the Insanity workout program!! Yay!! :) Sooo.... Since I was able to lose a couple of cms from all over my body in just ONE week, I decided to keep with it! It means, no sugar for me. Still. Actually, I don't even crave it. That much. :) But I can't abandon my blog so I will post a few older recipes that just never made it up here. But now! 

About these cookies. I am not a big fan of snickerdoodles. When it comes to choosing what type of cookies to make. My first and possibly only choice would be choc. chip cookies. DUH. Then all variations to choc. chip cookies. Then... that's all because I do not wanna eat any other kinds of cookies. But when I had some leftover cinnamon-sugar from this doughnut recipe I decided to give snickerdoodles a try. It would be mere exaggerating to say I came to find a new favorite but I did really like them! Especially warm. I was mesmerized that this cookie is not that snickerdoodle cookie I've tried before! These ones are a little spiced up with chinese five spice powder which were the perfect addition to the cookies! All I can say is yum!


170 grams brown sugar
112 grams butter
1 egg
170 grams flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt
2 teaspoons 5 spice powder
40 grams sugar
3 teaspoons cinnamon

Beat the sugar with the butter until creamy. Add in the egg and keep mixing. In another bowl mix the dry ingredients and add it to the sugary butter cream. Shape dough into medium sized balls. Mix the 40 grams of sugar with the cinnamon and roll the cookie dough balls into it. Bake them for 8-10 minutes on 200C. 


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