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Rákóczi Túrós - Hungarian Ricotta Cake

Before I start now, let me state that this is NOT the traditional Hungarian Rákóczi Túrós recipe. As usual, I altered the recipe, used different measurements, different ingredients so basically it is a Ricotta cake inspired by the Hungarian Rákóczi túrós. This "rákóczi túrós" is not a cake, it is a farmers cheese bar with a short pastry base and whipped egg white on top with peach preserve drops.
I modified the whole thing because I found this Hungarian dessert too dry. I never liked it. Which is surprising because I am a huuuuge fan of farmers cheese or ricotta (the 2 things are almost the same). But I just don't like it baked. I like it fresh. 
The short pastry was another problem, I really don't think short pastry is likable. It is dry, it puts extra calories on any dessert with it...It's just something I don't fancy. So what to do? I found 2 packages of some dry oat cookies...Hmm...Ricotta is like cheese...I am making ricotta cake which is like almost cheesecake. So why not make a cheesecake crust? And that is exactly what I did. This was the best idea ever! The crust now has a deep flavor which seriously gives a very nice contrast to the ricotta cream. Oh and before I forget to mention, I also added a layer of peach preserve on the cookie crust. Ah.... heavenly!! 
Now, this dessert is not mess-free. It has several steps to it and it will consume your time. So if you are looking for a quick remedy for a serious sweet craving, this is not your recipe. But if you need something for a Sunday, for guests, for a holiday that is different, a little fancy but not crazy difficult to make, here ya go! It will impress everyone (who doesn't despise ricotta cheese), I guarantee :)

Rákóczi Túrós - Hungarian Ricotta Cake
for a 25x40 cm square pan, if you want smaller just use half of the measurements

for the crust
500 grams oat or any type of cookies
250 grams butter

for the cream
1 kg ricotta cheese or farmers cheese
180 grams powdered sugar
6 egg yolks
1 lemon's zest
4 egg whites
raisins - as much as desired

for the top
6 egg whites
200 grams powdered sugar
peach preserve

First, put the raisins in rum so it would soak it up.
Now, process the cookies in a food processor until you get a cookie powder. 
oh and don't forget to sip on a glass of wine. Just for fun :P

Add the melted butter to it and put it evenly in a square pan. Bake it for 6 minutes and then let it cool.
While the crust is cooling, mash the ricotta, just like you would with potatoes. 

Now, mix the 6 egg yolks with the powdered sugar until it's creamy. Add the cheese to it gradually. Add the vanilla, lemon zest and mix it until the mixture comes together as a cream. Add the raisins (but not the rum). Beat the 4 egg (not 6) whites and fold it to the cheese mix. 

Add a layer of peach preserve on the crust. After that add the ricotta cheese mixture on top of it and bake it for 20 minutes on 165C. 

While it is baking, beat the 6 egg whites. When it is almost fully beaten, add the 200 grams sugar and beat it until it is shiny and you can see the peaks of the whites. 
When the 20 minutes is gone, take out the cake from the oven. Pour the egg whites into a sack, cut off the corner and draw diagonal lines with the whipped egg whites. 

When you have the lines, drop peach preserve in between the lines. The cake should look like as above in the picture. 
Now, let's place the cake back in the oven for 20 more minutes on 120C. 
Bon appetit :)

This is how the inside looks like. Yummy.


  1. Nagyon jól néz ki ez a süti érdekes változat.
    Említetted hogy a farmers cheese változatot vagyis az eredetit száraznak találod. Emlékszem én is sokszor száraznak találtam persze az otthoni száraz túró (dry cottage cheese/curd cheese) is lehetett az oka. Én mamam csinálom a túrót mert itt nem lehet olyan jó igazit kapni. Azota nem száraz a túrós sütim.
    Ha édekel téged vagy másokat szívesrn megosztom a receptet, nagyon egyszerü.(lényegesebben is olcsóbb)
    Nagyon tetszik a blog el is tároltam a kedvenceim közé!

    1. Köszi szépen! Mi is szoktunk néha-néha házi túrót csinálni :) Teljesen más, mint a bolti... Nyilvánvalóan! :) Én tényleg nem vagyok oda a rákóczi túrósért, ez volt az egyetlen fajtája, ami tetszett :) Igazából nekem a sült túró állaga a nagy bajom.
      Köszi szépen, hogy írtál! Máskor is nyugodtan! :)


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