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It is time for me to write a few words about my adventure here, in Nepal. 
Okay, frankly I am just procrastinating because I should be finishing my article I am working on for the magazine I am interning at. 
But really, I have not posted anything on here for so long, I feel so negligent. Although, it is not going to be a recipe post. Well, duh. 

So here I go. I love Nepal. Nepal is beautiful! I am staying in Kathmandu with a family so I am experiencing how Nepali people live and love life. It is an amazing opportunity and experience, even though it gets me out of my comfort zone at times but I honestly needed it. I was so cozy in my little bubble, I needed to get uncomfortable. Like I did on Saturday when I happened to do a 7-hour-long trekking in the mountains. It definitely was a major point in my life when I realized and decided something that will have a serious effect on my life: I am so NOT going on a hike ever again!!! :P 
There were times when we had to go through the jungle, sometimes we just simply walked on the edge of the mountain and my favorite part was when we had to climb up on a 75% steep hill that was covered by a deep layer of mud. 
Well, it was a challenge for everyone else in the group but I am sure it was only me who took it as badly as I did. Because it is important to know about me that I am definitely not the hiker, nature-freak type. I like nature...for a while when I get out of the car and then I get back to it. So you can imagine my reaction wasn't quite the best when I started getting tired which happened exactly 10 minutes after we started our little trip :D But I did it and my reward was a mild 2nd degree sunburn on the top of my head! Sounds exciting, huh? :)
My face was swelling for 2 days after...It is recovering, though :)

The view, that I didn't appreciate at the time. I do now :)

But other than this not so lucky adventure, I am having a wonderful time here! The Nepali people are famous for their hospitality and I am very lucky to have the nicest host family ever! :) 

Kathmandu is a very busy and hectic city. But I am so happy I get to stay here, I've always loved cities, well what can i say, I am a city girl :) Even though I am from a small town hahaha
Kathmandu is packed with numerous Hindu temples...their beauty is beyond words. At least, for me :) I've seen so many of them already and they still fascinate me!

Patan Durbar Square - it is a UNESCO world heritage monument

Before I came, I tried to learn as much as I could about Nepal, so I would be prepared. Well...after reading all the sites, I was prepared to come to an extremely poor country that  has barely anything so I should bring everything I might need here. What an underestimation! I can practically buy everything here! They have a bigger selection of peanut butters than we do in Hungary! AND so much cheaper!
Although, as I heard, India is even more cheaper...India, I'm coming ;)
Thamel, the tourist area of Kathmandu is my favorite part. Not only because this is basically the only place I can find white people (which is a little comforting at times to be honest) but they have all kinds of foods! 
It's not that I don't like the Nepali cuisine. No, I am fine with it. Not my favorite, but it's not bad, either. But they do not have many variations. They eat every day the same things. That is for such a foodie as myself is pretty challenging, I must admit. So I just love the trips to Thamel where I can eat whatever my little heart desired :)
But to talk about the Nepali food. Rice plays the biggest role, for sure. They eat rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also eat a vegetable dish that has potatoes, pumpkin leaves, green beans, bell peppers, tomatoes and sometimes carrots. This dish is seasoned with a mix of spices. They eat flat breads as a substitution for rice sometimes.

Vegetable curry with flatbreads

The most popular food here, besides rice, is a lentil soup that is called Daal. They put it on rice and eat it with the vegetables. Sausages are a big hit also that are fried in oil. 
My favorite Nepali dish is the Momo. It is a dumpling filled with either vegetables or meat. They can be steamed or fried and they eat it with a spicy tomato sauce. It is very yummy, indeed :)

Vegetable steamed Momo

Tea has a major role, as well. They drink it with milk and sugar and it reminds me of coffee with milk a little. Because they put more milk than water in the tea so it will make it very creamy. I like it without sugar because the milk itself is pretty sweet already. 

Hmm...that's for an update now because I really got to get back to my article :)


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