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A post from Nepal

It is time for me to write a few words about my adventure here, in Nepal.  Okay, frankly I am just procrastinating because I should be finishing my article I am working on for the magazine I am interning at.  But really, I have not posted anything on here for so long, I feel so negligent. Although, it is not going to be a recipe post. Well, duh. 
So here I go. I love Nepal. Nepal is beautiful! I am staying in Kathmandu with a family so I am experiencing how Nepali people live and love life. It is an amazing opportunity and experience, even though it gets me out of my comfort zone at times but I honestly needed it. I was so cozy in my little bubble, I needed to get uncomfortable. Like I did on Saturday when I happened to do a 7-hour-long trekking in the mountains. It definitely was a major point in my life when I realized and decided something that will have a serious effect on my life: I am so NOT going on a hike ever again!!! :P  There were times when we had to go through the jungle, som…