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Spring time :)

I did my spring cleanse!!! I did it! I think it was around after a month that I went back to eating....practically everything. Well, I was on a vacation so it would have been a waste to say no to cheesecake and bagels and ice cream and cake and all kinds of food that was sent from heaven!!! :)
I haven't gained weight, though! Which is due to my everyday workout schedule... Bob Harper is my new favorite :)
Although, ever since I am back home and struggling with extreme homesick and jetleg I haven't worked out or eaten healthy at all....Yes, I call it homesickness even that I am home now. But I consider that place my second home...
So today, after I binged for the 2nd time this week...I finally decided that I really do need to get back on track. Start exercising, introduce fruits and vegetables into my diet again. And tell myself that peter pan peanutbutter is really not the most healthiest choice...But organic peanutbutter with honey really IS.
My bday is next weekend so I cant really start an extreme diet because if I finally set my mind to not eating sugar and all kinds of things then its better that i dont eat a bite of them. So after eating only a tiny slice of cake itll just evoke me to eat more and more and then it takes me a couple of days to get back... So my plan is to moderate myself for this week, having a treat here and there and then after my bday.....MAJOR WEIGHTLOSS plan.
havent decided what diet ill go on but im thinking the macrobiotic diet. Thats what always worked for me the best. So yeppp....
Whats for Sunday's Lunch?? Quesadilla!!!! ;)


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