Day 12!


This week has been...pretty normal! No feeling deprived..nothing. I took my time to get back on eating solid foods so it's really been gradual and now I feel really good!
I eat pretty much raw. Except for the vegetable soups. And I found myself really like this type of eating, it may not last because there is just not enough variations for salads. For me, at least. But I decided that I'll stay on this diet for more than just a week. As long as it feels right to me! On the 3rd week I could reintroduce fish and chicken and whole wheat pasta into my diet but I really dont feel like eating any of them!
My life finally isnt revolving around food anymore which is wonderful! Of course, until there will be a family gettogether :D Then it is fairly difficult to keep to yummy salad......;)
But all in all, I am sooo glad I started doing this detoxifying. I havent lost that much weight yet. Only 3 pounds which is nothing compared to what I eat and what I DONT eat. Oh well. I keep doing this and will lose eventually.
Oh and I workout. I jump on my mini trampoline. I got to 22 minutes on the other day :)) It was a personal victory for me since I used to be able to be on it for only 5 minutes....
I do yoga...Actually I always do whatever I feel like doing. The most important thing is that I dont gain any muscle anymore. And I lose fat.
Hmm...So that was for an update now...Gotta go to school!


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  2. You've chosen right approach: eating what your body feels right unlike those diets where you're always hungry.

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